Another Shia Man Targeted and Martyred in Orangi Town , Karachi

JNN 16 July 2011 Karachi : The Target Killing in Karachi have claimed another life of  a  Shia Man On Saturday, Aun Mohammad s/o Jamal Ahmed,32 who was targeted  in the Limits of Orangi Town , No. 11 1/2  , Near Habib Bank Quarters .

According to the details , Aun Mohammad s/o Jamal Ahmed , 32 was a Motor Bike mechanic ,who have made a shop Motor Bike reparing shop , in his own house and was alone in his shop at the time of Incident, when around 3.30p.m , 4 Assilant came to his shop riding on two Bikes , out of these 4 assilants , 2 were wearing Helmets , so they can not be recognized , while 2 others were without Helmet, all four came down from their bikes at his shop and , took out there weapons, while one of them without saying anything fired Multiple shots at Aun Mohamad , due to which he was critically Injured , and as he fell down on the ground , after that the assailants sped away on their bikes un intercepted.

He received 5 Bullets wounds 2 in the Head , and 3 in the chest and Back .After the Assilants sped away , he was taken to the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital ,where due to insufficient Medical treatment he was shifted to Zia ud din Hospital , but even there they lack basic things required to deal with such casualties , so then he was shifted to Agha Khan University Hospital ,but due to Heavy Bleeding due to  Bullet wounds and loss of most valuable time elapsed during transit he could not survive , and was Pronounced dead at AKU.

He has survived by 5 Brothers and 1 sister , while his Both the parents are very old and are Heart Patient. He was the Member of the Pak Hyderi Scouts Orangi Town Unit ,and was also the transport secretary of  Matami Organisation “ Dasta e Ahlebait “ . According to his close friends he was a soft spoken man and was not associated with any Political Party or have any Personal enmity with any body .

His body has been shifted to Imambargah Shah e Karbala , Rizvia Society for funeral Prayers , which will be held after the Zuhrain Prayers on Sunday , and His Burial will take Place at Vadi e Hussain Graveyard.

The Target Killing of Shia men in Karachi and other Parts of Pakistan is a matter of great concern , as the Shia community is the sign of Integration of Pakistan, and they have Integrated Pakistan , while rejecting all the ethnic , linguistic and regional differences of Pakistan , and it is because of this that the Shia Men are being targeted and Martyred .

The Government and the Judiciary should also take serious notice of the Present conditions , as the Terrorist and Target Killers of Shia Men are being escorted free of the Jails , while the Innocent Shia Men are being targeted and Martyred .Before it is too late and whole of the Pakistan becomes a Battle ground and the Public starts to enforce the law by themselves and to Punish these terrorists ,and shoot down the terrorists to do Justice .

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