Lack of Evidence , Judicial Incompetence or Promotion of Terrorism

JNN 20 July 2011 : Just a couple of days back a Terrorist by the name of Malik Ishaq was released from jail. Malik Ishaq was accused not only of being the chief of the banned sectarian organization, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, but of killing 70 people (almost all Shias) in 44 separate instances of culpable homicide. Most recently, he was alleged to have been involved in the attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team. Continue reading

Iran shoots down U.S. spy Drone over Qom

JNN 20 July 2011 TEHRAN – Iran has shot down a U.S. spy plane over the province of Qom, MP Ali Aqazadeh-Dafsari announced on Tuesday, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard shot down an unmanned U.S. spy plane that was trying to gather information on an underground uranium enrichment site, a state-owned news site said Wednesday. Continue reading

2 Shia Men Slaughtered & 8 Trucks of Medicine & Food burnt by Talibaan on the way to Parachanar

JNN 20 July 2011 Parachanar : Two Shia Students from Parachanar who were abducted while travelling with the convoy of 8 Truck loads of Medicine , foods and other essential items for the besieged Shia Population of Parachanar , were yesterday martyred , by the Terrorist of Tehrik e Taliban , Both the Young Men embraced Martyrdom as they  were Beheaded  by the Ruthless Wahabi Terrorist of Tehrik e Taliban. Continue reading