2 Shia Men Slaughtered & 8 Trucks of Medicine & Food burnt by Talibaan on the way to Parachanar

JNN 20 July 2011 Parachanar : Two Shia Students from Parachanar who were abducted while travelling with the convoy of 8 Truck loads of Medicine , foods and other essential items for the besieged Shia Population of Parachanar , were yesterday martyred , by the Terrorist of Tehrik e Taliban , Both the Young Men embraced Martyrdom as they  were Beheaded  by the Ruthless Wahabi Terrorist of Tehrik e Taliban.

The convoy of 8 trucks was attacked near Charkhel village on Thall-Parachinar Road in Lower Kurram Agency, as a result 10 Shia Men were abducted and all the trucks were set on fire, and this all is done while an Operation is under Process by the Security forces of Pakistan in the Kurrum agency to flush out the terrorist , who have fled their area and have  come from different parts of North Waziristan to take shelter in Kurrum agency , as they fear an Operation by the security forces in their area.

After abducting the 10 shia men , including 8 truck drivers and setting the trucks on fire , the Terrorist took the abductees to Unknown location , while later the 8 truck drivers were set free, but the two Young Shia Men namely Syed Ijlal Hussain and Zakir Hussain, who were travelling with the convoy to reach Peshawar , to take admissions in Peshawar University , to continue their further studies, were Martyred by Beheading them .

Whole of the Shia Community living in different Parts of Pakistan , and especially The Elders of Parachanar , Kurrum Agency , have questioned the credibility of the Army Operation against the terrorist Of Tehrik e Taliban, and their allied Groups and Banned Wahabi Organisations like Sipah e Sahaba , Lashkar e Jhangvi , Jundullah e.t.c which is a great question Mark on the worthiness Impartiality of the Operation as in the presence of the Best Armed force of the World , still the terrorist are freely carrying out such heinous crimes and acts of terrorism, while even the Thal – Parachanar , is still under the control of the terrorists and due to which the half a Million of Shia Population is Besieged for the last 5 years , and they are daily fighting for life saving drugs and necessities of life .

While the Pakistan military had stated, that it hoped the operation in Kurram Agency would not be prolonged and would end within a limited period of time, it appears this is not to be the case.

The sorry fact is that the unrest in Kurram has continued now for several years. For starters, the main road linking it with the rest of the country, via Thall in Hangu district, has been  blocked for five years by the Taliban and people of Parachinar would have to use a much longer route via Afghanistan for travel to even Peshawar. As even the fact is that the local tribes say that they have been targeted because of the fact that they are Shia, and in fact the Agency has unfortunately seen sectarian violence for a number of years now. Of course, for decades, both Shia and Sunni tribes continued to co-exist peacefully for years and the suggestion that the violence happened when Wahabi Taliban and their associated outsiders came in does hold some water.

The current conflict seems to have been caused by the movement into the Agency of Taliban from other parts of Fata and in the process further exacerbating the situation. Many reports of abductions and kidnapping for ransom have surfaced, and there are also unconfirmed reports of the Haqqani network shifting there from North Waziristan. In this background, the kidnapping of 10 truck drivers and cleaners over the weekend, reinforces the perception that the writ of the state runs very thin in Kurram. That this is happening even as a military operation is conducted in central Kurram to flush out militants suggests that a lot more will have to be done by the state before it is able to establish its authority through the agency. A definite plan of action is now needed both to bring about peace in the troubled region and to make provisions for people who have been forced out of their homes.

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