Well Renowned Shia Advocate embraced Martyrdom , in the Ongoing Target Killing by Terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba

JNN 23 July 2011 Karachi : A Senior Shia Advocate High court  , Mukhtar Abbas Bukhari  s/o Nazar Husnain Bukhari , 58 was gunned down by the terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba , SSP ,  in the broad day light ,while he was returning home from Office.

He was gunned down in the Kanchi Wali Gali ( Whole sale Glass Market ) near Jama Cloth  , as two terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba , who were following him intercepted him , when he was on his way back from his office near Karachi City Courts , who were following him from his office intercepted him . when he was on his way back from his office around 5.00p.m , he was  fired a single shot from a close range from Behind at his head , which caused a fatal Injury in his Skull , from where he was shifted to Civil Hospital , where he was Pronounced Dead on Arrival.

He has left behind 5 children and a Widow in heirs.

His funeral prayers was performed outside the Main Mosque of Abbas Town , Karachi, from where his body was taken for burial to Waadi e Husain GraveYard. His Funeral Prayers was attended by thousands of his weeping friends , relatives and well wishers, beside a large Number of Shia community members , His funeral Prayers , was attended by a large Number of Leaders of Shia Community , namely , Allama Abbas Kumaili  ( JAP ) , Molana Ali Mohd Naqvi ( Shia Ulema Council) , Allama Asghar Shaheedi ( General Secretary ( Khoja Pirai Isna Asheri Jamat ) , Allama Nazir Abbas , Allama Shenshah Naqvi and many others.

He was a very well seasoned Advocate High Court , and was even providing free legal aid services to the deserving Poor People , He was the lawyer for victims of Shia community members In a number of well known cases like Ashura Blast case in which Innocent Shia Men who were implicated in false cases  of Arson , burning and looting after the Blast , The Implication of 7 shia men in different Target Killing cases, including the abduction and Implication Muntazir Imam case , all were defended as counsel for all the victims by him , and have given a hard time for the prosecution , as even one of the attendee of his funeral told our correspondent , that actually he has given a very hard time to the CID , and especially SP Ch. Aslam , who he directly confronted in the city courts , in one of these cases , and unearthed his false accusations against the victims , which Ch. Aslam took on personal grounds, and on which his relations soured with him .

And as per his  close relatives and friends , his murder could be as a result of his love for the Prevalence of Justice and love for Muhamaad ( SAWW )O Ale Muhammad (SAWW) , which is not accepted by the some LEA’s personnel and especially the Terrorist of Banned Organisations like Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , Lashkar e Jhangvi, Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan, Jundullah and other allied organizations and cells , from who he was recieving threats for the last year, since he was working on these cases , as the terrorist organizations want  to create unrest and civil war in Pakistan , by the Killing of  Shia men to promote sectarianism , the biggest sponsor and example of which is Saudi Arabia , which has always promoted sectarianism and have divided Muslims on Sectarian basis , and disregarded Unity in Muslims World. Which can be confirmed by the laws of the state of Saudi Arabia and discrimination of their citizens on sectarian grounds.

All the Shia Leader , including MQM Rabta committee have deeply condemned the Target Killing of Mukhtar Abbas , and have asked The Government should take a serious Notice of Target Killing of Especially the shia community member by Wahabi extremist Organisations , which is their  plan to create disharmony among Muslims of Pakistan ,and create Unrest , and promote sectarianism, which is a Master Plan of their Masters in US and West , and financed by Saudi Arabia and UAE Monarchies , to Prolong their dying rules of Injustice  in their respective countries .

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