2 Sons of a Shia Graveyard Caretaker Martyred By the terrorists of SSP

JNN 25 July 2011 Karachi : The Deadly Target Killing of Shia Men , claims 2 more of lives of 2 real brothers Ali Akber and Muhammad Hussain s/o Mohammad Abbas , who were the sons of the care taker of the Shia Grave yard Ali Bagh in the Limits of Chakiwara, Lyari Town. Continue reading

Upholding Lesbian & Gay Rights in Islamic Republic of Pakistan is Social and Religious Terrorism By US & UN both

JNN 25 July 2011Islamabad:  Religious parties and individuals have criticised a reported homosexuals’ get-together at the US embassy in Islamabad on Saturday 26th June 2011, and the US administration’s assurance to help them get their rights. Continue reading