Aid Caravan to Parachanar Blocked by biased Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa Government

JNN 27 July 2011 Peshawar : The “Aid Caravan for the People of Parachanar ”  Dispatched after the Token Sitin Infront of the Parliament House , for the Beleaguered Besieged citizens of Parachinar was stopped at the Attock Bridge , in Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa Province , given the reason of the Ongoing Militarty Operation against the terrorist outfits supported by the Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan involved in the terrorist activities in Kurrum Agency and all over Pakistan and the segment of these elements , who have runaway from North Waziristan ,  and who are  trying  to take shelter from the Operation in Kurrum Agency , which may be started in the North Waziristan .

About 10 Truck loads of Medicine and food items , were dispatched from Islamabad , with a lot of Participants of the rally also accompanying the caravan to deliver the goods to the People of Parachanar .

The Aid Caravan was led by the Majlis-e-Wahadat-e-Muslameen (MWM) Central deputy secretary general Maulana Mohamamd Ameen Shaheedi and Maulana Shabir Reza Bukhari along with the other 150 persons of the organization.

While the  Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik has assured the central Leadership of MWM to allow the caravan to reach at Parachinar ,with all the security and Protection they can provide to break the siege of Kurram Agency.

Instead of giving boost to the Positive activities to end the siege of the Thal – Parachanar Road , and to support the Hundred of the Participants of the Convoy ,which vowed to deliver the life saving Goods and Food Items for the People of Parachanar , arranged under the Banner of MWM , and to give them cover and to help them reach to the Peace loving Patriotic Pakistani Shia  Population of Pakistan , which have already sacrificed  Hundreds of their men , in fighting with the Anti State and Anti Islam Terrorist of Tehrik e Taliban  Pakistan ,  which are rogue elements and destroying the Peace and tranquility of Pakistan , and instead involved in terrorist activities in Kurrum Agency and all around Pakistan ,and are directly financed by Saudi Arabian Ale Saud and UAE’s Monarchy , and are working on the US plans of the disintegrating Pakistan.

While at this point the government of Pakistan should back the Masses, who have come out to support the government to fight the Anti state elements ,with the government to support it , so it can uphold its writ and law and order , in which it has miserably failed for almost 5 years ,as the Parachanar is under siege , for the last 5 years , and government have failed to uphold and challenge the terrorist to counter the threat , by securing the Thal – Parachanar Road .

But as the Aid Caravan of MWM reached the Attock Bridge was closed and a heavy contingent of Frontier constabulary and Police personnel was deployed to stop the convoy to move ahead with all its Participants , in return the Participant of the caravan Blocked the Main Motorway at Swabi , and both Up and down movement at the Motorway was stopped in protest  , and remained their for about 2 Hours , and then after Immense Pressure from the Shia Population and the Peace loving Muslims Population of Pakistan the Administration bowed to the pressure and finally the Bridge was re opened for the convoy , and the Caravan Move ahead to its final destination of Parachanar, to break the siege of Parachanar and show the solidarity of all the Shia community and all the Peace loving Patriotic citizens of Pakistan ,with the Innocent and Peace Loving People of Parachanar, who have already given sacrifices , to uphold the Integrity of Pakistan .

It should also be noted here that the biased Media groups , have not reported such a Mass gathering and a Protest Sit in at the Parliament House ,and the Blockade of the “ Aid Caravan to Parchanar “ was not reported in the Biased Media Group , while only some open Minded and Real Professional and Patriotic Journalist and Media Groups ,reported these News , which concern the Whole of the Shia Community , which is 30% of the Population of Pakistan , which is about  54 Million out of the 180 Million of the Pakistani Population, Only the Shia Media , and the Real Unbiased Media , is reporting the real picture of the siege of Parachanar and other Shia events and news , while the Shia Population is now Promoting their own Media Blogs , Digital and Unbiased groups to get the real picture of the events taking place ,concerning the shia Population of Pakistan, and the events around the world concerning the Jafria Community .

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