Atleast 13 Shia Men embraced Martyrdom , in 2 different attacks by terrorists of TTP in Quetta

JNN 30 July 2011 Quetta : About 18 People were killed in Just 24 Hours in Quetta , in 2 different incidents of firing by Terroroist of Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan, in one incident in which the terrorist started firing Indiscriminately on  Shia Pilgrims Bus and Killing 8 men , while in another Similar Incident terrorist firing Shia Men going to Mandi in a Suzuki Pick up to bring their inventory

According to the details “The Suzuki Pick up which carrying Shia Labourers was passing by a bus stand On Spini Road.when 2 gunmen riding in another car opened fire, killing at least 10 ShiaMen and wounding three,” DIG Operations Quetta Hamid Shakeel told Reuters.

A rickshaw driver was also among the dead.

It should be mentioned here that the deceased were on their way to earn their daily livelihood.

All the Men belonged to the Shia Hazara Community of the Quetta and were Labourers , going towards their ,workplace, as similar Incidents have also taken place in Quetta , in which Shia Men Belonging to Hazara Community have been targeted while in the ground for Morning Walk after Prayers , and in another previous incident when Shia men going to Sabzi Mandi , in a Pick up were also targeted , but the local administration have till now , not apprehended any terrorist involved in the previous incidents , or have taken provided any security to these Poor  people , who have been killed , in large Numbers collectively , while the security for the single elite’s have large convoy of security personnel , to safe guard them .

The bodies were shifted to the Bolan Medical Complex where the relatives of the dead started  arriving. The relatives and the angry members of the Shia community have blocked the Barori Road in front of the hospital in protest.

The martyred persons are Ali Muhammad, Nauroz Ali, Ali Raza , Liaqat Ali , Muhammad Ibrahim , Syed Aqeel , Hussain Agha , Raza (driver) , Gul Pari (female) while the Injured among the Injured are  Nadir Ali , Dawood , Muhammad Musa , Haleema bibi (female)

The Angry protesters were demanding the arrest of the Terrorist involved in this and other similar Incidents of sectarian Killing , while the police resorted to aerial firing to disperse the protesters.

The Hazara Democratic Party announced a strike against the shooting in Quetta on Sunday. Majlis Wahdat-e-Muslimeen announced three-day mourning and Tahaffuz-e-Azadari Council gave a call for 40-day mourning.

In a similar incident of Friday, seven people were killed and 12 were injured when unidentified gunmen opened fire on a bus stand where Shia pilgrims were waiting to travel to neighbouring Iran.

Shia Pilgrims Attacked

The Terrorisit of Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan TTP opened fire on a bus stand in Quetta Pakistan on Friday, killing seven Shia pilgrims and injuring 12, waiting to travel to neighbouring Iran at the office of a transportation company, police said.

A group of pilgrims were waiting to travel to the border town of Taftan when the assailants arrived at the office on Saryab Road and opened fire,

The victims were shifted to Bolan Medical Complex Hospital and Civil Hospital, where emergency was declared. Some of the wounded, are in critical condition.
The victims also include two Iranian nationals, Ismatullah and Abdul Nabi Reki and Quetta citizen Maaz Ullah. Four of the dead were shia pilgrims of Mandi Bahauddin. They were identified as Zaigham Abbas, Arif Hussain and Syed Qalb-e-Abbas.

The transport company runs buses from Quetta to Taftan, a city that borders Iran, he said.

The injured have been injured to Bolan Medical Complex. Two of the injured are reported to be in serious condition

“The attackers came on 2 motorcycle and opened fire on the pilgrims. All seven Shia pilgrims were killed on the spot,” Farid Breach, a senior police officer, told AFP.

“It was a sectarian attack. The Shia pilgrims were the target.”

It looks that the Intelligence and LEA’s are either incapable of taking any action against the Terrorist , who are attacking the Integrity of Pakistan, or they does not want to take any action against them , because of some unknown reasons , As now it has been the headlines of the World media even that the terrorists have taken control of certain parts of Pakistan , as it started with Lal Masjid Incident , in which Pakistani Army under the leadership of  President Musharaf Boldly took a decision to take action against the terrorist den , under cover of Lal Masjid , whose ulterior motives were to take control of Islamabad , Which they even tried to replicate in Swat ,and inflicted heavy losses to the Pakistani Nation by giving it a bad name as a Nuclear State ,under the control of Terrorist  , but which was repulsed very boldly by the Patriotic armed forces of Pakistan.

But after that due to International Politics and due to some Black Sheeps in our National Politics and some in our forces , have refrained our armed forces not to take any action against these terrorist and rogue elements , but now it is the time for the armed forces of Pakistan to take some bold steps and save Pakistan , as we Live by Pakistan and we die By Pakistan . The top Brass of Pakistan is very intelligent , and should be well aware of the facts , No Pakistan No Brass No Badges , Just Heads rolling on the streets , some by the invaders , others by the angry desperate citizens.

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