Important issues highlighted and discussed at ” Istaqbal e Ramzan ” conference organised by JAP

JNN 01 Aug 2011 Karachi : On last day of Shaban Jafria Alliance Pakistan Convened a Conference On “  Istaqbal e Ramzan ” in Karachi ,  in which all notables from different sections of society from the Jafria Community were Invited to give their views and suggestions to the Ongoing crticial situation especially in Karachi ,and in general all over Pakistan.

The Conference which was convened at Imam Bargah Shah e Najaf , Martin Road , Karachi , started with the recitation of Holy Quran , and then followed by Dua e Iftatah , and then different speakers , of which a large Number of consists of  Ulema , zakireen , Head of Scout Groups , and the Notables who are active in Jafria community , and are recognized for their contributions for the community work were Present , and some of them even delivered speeches , highlighting the issues , which the community is facing now a days , whether security issues , or the Unity among different section of the Momineen .

On this Ocassion a well versed Young Scholar Salman Naqvi also addressed the conference , who emphasized more on the latest theories of Learning and advancement which are actually based on the  the teachings of Hazrat Ali A.S , he also pointed out that our cultural ritual have taken over the teaching of  Our Imams , and if we start again to go in depths of the teachings of our Imams , then it will be easy for us to take the control of the world , as the Powers of world have taken the rules given by our Imams , while we are entangled in the rituals of the culture.

While the Organiser and the President of Jafria Alliance Allama Abbas Kumaili  , highlighted a very important issue at this point , which is being exploited by our enemies against us , and giving it the name of “ Tauheen e Risalat” as he also elaborated a recent case in which a Shia Man named Raza Haider of Itrat foundation is being implicated , and an FIR has been also registered against him Under section 295A and 295C .

As per the details given by him Momin Raza Haider , who is working for Itrat academy , is involved in the translation of short story books for children from Persian , as they were earlier printed in Persian  by the Iranian Cultural center in Pakistan , to highlight the lives of the loyal companions  of the Holy Prophet  Hazrat Mohammad PBUH , to give children guidance and knowledge , while they can play and learn at the same time , but in the recent event as he have given for printing one of the two story books translated in urdu,  as per Pre Planned scheme , the Printing Press and Brother Raza Haider Both were attacked by a Mob ,at the time when he reached the press to collect the printed books , the Mob  which ransacked the Press at Burns Road Karachi , and later burnt down the press and also the Motorbike of the Raza Haider , while Brother Raza Haider was beaten and then was handed over  in the custody of the Local Police , which was Pressurized to register a case against him under the “ Tahfooz e Namoos e Risalat Ordinance”  and as per details given above he was booked under the above sections of the law.

The law passed in the Name of “ Tahfooz e Namoos e Risalat ” ” Blasphemy Law ”  , is to protect the sanctity of the Holy Prophet PBUH,  but also give protection to the sanctity of the wives , companions , and the Ahle Bait of the Prophet , but from the day One this law is being used to take vengeance against the Innocent members of Jafria Community , as there are even number of cases in which the members of Jafria community members are being booked under the same law , and have faced hardship , due to malign policies of the establishment and the People who are behind its interpretation in the law , as this was passed in the era of General Zia ul Haq , who was the sponsor of Taliban and due to his anti Shia Policies ,  the Jafria Community has been still facing hardships and biased attitude of the establishment , which has still a soft corner for Taliban , and its allied terrorist organizations .

In the end Allama Abbas Kumaili invited all the section of the society to give it a deep thought to reconsider the wrong implications of this law ,and condemned the attack on Raza Haider and the biased case against him and other member of the Jafria Community members , especially the illegal imprisonment of Askari Raza , for which all the participants of the conference even condemned such acts of the government and the conspirators , who are strongly working to harm and terrorize  the members of Jafria Community from Parachanar to Karachi.

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