Senior Shia Banker shot Martyred in the Unstopable Target Killng by the Terrorist of SSP in Karachi

JNN 06 August 2011 Karachi : The Ongoing Target Killing in Karachi and other Parts of Pakistan have claimed one more life of a Senior Shia Banker Syed Muntazir Mehdi  Rizvi s/o Akhtar Mehdi Rizvi , 56 .

He was shot by the terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan ,In the early hours of the day at around 8.40 a.m  when he reached the Parking lot at the Karachi City Station, He was intercepted by the terrorist after climbing the wall as they were waiting for him and he was their target ,  He was shot 4 times , due to which he was critically injured and after the terrorist fled away un intercepted , even being near to the Police Head office and the Most Busiest Business Avenue of Karachi  ,  he was shifted to the Civil Hospital Karachi , But due to the fatal wound caused by the bullet injuries , he scumb to his injuries , and was declared dead .

His body was shifted to the Imam Bargah Shuhuda e Karbala , Incholi , F. B. Area , Karachi , for funeral .Where His funeral Prayers was performed after Maghrib at 10.00p.m , while his funeral prayers was lead by the Allama Sajid Ali Naqvi ( TJP) , in the Presence of thousands of Mourners , Many leading Shia Leader and Ulema attended his funeral Prayer , which Included , Allama Abbas Kumaili (JAP ) , Molana Ali Mohd. Naqvi (SUC ) , and others. His Burial was done at Wadi e Hussain Graveyard , Super Highway , Karachi.

He was a Senior Banker and was Working at Bank Al Habib , Kharadar Branch , as Senior Chief Manager . He was holding a Position quite close to the Director of Bank . He has left behind 5 Children and a Widow in the heirs. While his close friends and relatives have told our correspondents that he was a staunch  Believer of Peace and Harmony and have no Political contacts and have no personal enemity with any Person or group . While he was a seasoned Professional Banker .

All the Shia Ulema and Leaders have deeply condemned his Murder, while all have said to make some new strategy to counter the menace of Target Killing of Shia Men in Karachi and around Pakistan , which has already crossed the limit and have to be encountered , before the Young men of the community take drastic steps out of Anger , rage and Injustice of the system , as first the These known Terrorist of the banned Organisations like Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan ( SSP ) , Tehrik e Taliban ( TTP ) , Lashkar e Jhangvi (LeJ ) , Jundullah  and other allied organizations and cells are not apprehended , and if at all they are nabbed , they are being released even after their confessional statements of Killing Dozens of Shia Men by the  Judicial Courts , on grounds of Lack of evidence or the eyewitness are being murdered , as they are not given protection , for which the terrorist take advantage and Kill them , to make the case weak . And Above all , there is no suo Moto action for these terrorist activities , as it looks like that they do not fulfil the requirements of Justice , in the eyes of the Higher courts.

The Terrorist of Banned Organisation Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan( SSP ) , Lashkar e Jhangvi LeJ ) , Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan ( TTP )  , Jundullah and other allied Terrorist organisations and cells which are heavily funded by the Saudi and American CIA agents to destablize and Provoke the society of Pakistan to fight on sectarian grounds , for which they are Killing Innocent Shia Citizens of Pakistan , and especially in the areas Like Karachi , Quetta , D.I.Khan and Parachanar , as to invoke a Civil War like Situation , so they can implement their evil designs , to disintegrate Pakistan , which is called the Fort of Islam , which has the Second Largest Population of Shia , around the world. As the Unity of Pakistan is due to the Presence of Shia Community in Pakistan, as they are in every nook and corner of Pakistan and Hold the Integrity of Pakistan , against all the discriminations of Ethnic ,  Cultural , Linguistic divides , which they have tried , but have failed due to the Heavy presence of Shia Community members as they are United on only one ground that the religion , and it is because of this Patriotism of theirs , they are being targeted for the last 32 years , since the US Plan was Implemented , by the traitors of Pakistan.

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