Youm e Ali Procession attacked in Chakwal , rest all Processions ended safely in Pakistan

JNN 23 Aug 2011 ,Karachi : Martyrdom Anniversary of the First Imam of the Fiqh e Jafria , Hazrat Ali A.S was commemorated with Religious fervor around the world on 21st Ramzan , it was even commemorated all over Pakistan , inspite of detoriated law and order Situation all over Pakistan.Taking the advantage of  which One of the Youm Ali Procession taken out in Chakwal from Imambargah Alamdar was attacked by the terrorist of SSP , due to which 4 Momineen embraced Martyrdom , several other injured.


In Karachi 21st Ramazan , like as always was the Youm e Ali was  commemorated with great religious fervor , and enthusiasm by the whole of the Jafria Community . A large No. of Majalis and Processions were taken out , from different parts of the city , where the security was on high alert ,which was mainly being done by the Boys Scouts groups , and in some Places , the Local Police was also providing the security cover . The Main Central Majlis was organized like always at Nishtar Park , which was attended by thousands of Mourners ,

After the Majlis , The Central  Procession was taken out from Nishtar Park , which when reached at Imam Bargah e Ali , then as per previous years Practice Zuhrain Prayers were offered , by thousands of  faithfuls , and after the zuhrain Prayers , The Momineen were addressed by the ISO speaker , who narrated the Zionist Plot of destabilizing Pakistan ,and condemned the US Interference in the Internal Matters of Pakistan and the ever escalating interference of US ambassadors role in flourishing the CIA network in different cities of Pakistan, By their agents in the cover of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , Lashkar e Jhangvi and Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan. He also demanded the End of Diplomatic Relations with the US and the immediate  eviction of US Ambassador  from Pakistan.

After the fiery speech as a Notion the Flags of US and Israel were also burned to , show the Hatred towards their Policies and to condemn their involvement in the Destabilization of Pakistan.

After this the Procession restarted its Journey on its Route on M.A.Jinnah Road , by Passing from Saddar and Regal it came back to Tibet Center , with Hundred of thousands of Mourner Beating their chest and reciting Noha’s . By the Grace of God and the Procession reached safely its end Point at Hussainia Iranian at the Sunset , where truck loads of Niaz was offered to the Momineen , so they can end their fast , and do Iftar.

The Karachi Procession was also given a Air cover , as Army Aviation Helicopter were doing their surveillance , on the Procession route.

In All the other Major cities of Pakistan , the Processions and Majalis of Youm e Ali were Performed and ended safely , and no Untoward incident was reported , except in Chakwal.


Except the Main Procession of Chakwal , which is a town in Punjab . And where the Members of the Banned Terrorist Organisations , like SSP, LeJ , TTP , Punjabi Taliban  are being Nurtured , under the Patronage of the Provincial Government of Punjab. While even if any of the Member of any Banned terrorist Organisation is in Jail , then its family gets stipend from the Punjab Government .

According to the details the Mourning Procession taken out in connection to the Youm e Ali , from Imam Bargah Alamdar , as soon as it hit the road was ambushed by the terrorist of the Sipah e Sahaba , who fired indiscriminately on the Procession , due to which dozens of Momineen were fatally injured , out which four Momineen could not scum to their injuries and embraced Martyrdom , as the Participants of the Procession were unaware of the ambush and Peaceful Momineen were unarmed , so could not even retaliate to their , unprovoked firing , which continued for about 2 – 3 hours , and even then , No Law enforcement Personnel reached the spot to encounter the terrorist , and to give cover to the Peaceful Participants of the Procession.

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