3 Shia men Martyred in Target Killing 2 in Khi & 1 in D.I.Khan

Shaheed S.Ejaz Hussain Shah

JNN 23 Aug 2011 : The Targeting Killing of Shia Community members continued in Karachi and Other Parts of Pakistan. As on Monday Night A Shia Man Naveed Abbas s/o Razzaq Ahmed , was gunned down by the terrorist of SSP in the Limits of Korangi , Karachi. While in a separate Incident another Shia Boy , Rizwan Kazmi’s Dead Body was found on Saturday Night from the Limits of F.C. Area , Liaqatabad,while the third victim of the target Killing Ejaz Hussian was fired upon at Dera Chashma Road , D.I.Khan , due to which he was critically Injured.

As per the details Naveed Abbas was a Member of a local Matmi Anjuman, and was returning back after attending the central Procession  of Youm e Ali ,Karachi , when he was intercepted by the terrorist of Banned organisation Sipah e Sahaba, who are creating lawlessness in Karachi and other parts of Pakistan to carry out their nefarious designs , these terrorist  fired upon him  from close range , near Zia Colony, Korangi ,  Karachi , due to which he was critically injured , and he died instantly of the fatal wounds .

The crime doesn’t end here as the case of Target Killing should have to be registered , By the area Police while as Naveed Abbas was a Poor man and his family and friends were illiterate and were not much resourceful , so the Local area Police , instead registered a case On behalf of  the government as Plaintiff and declared the event of Target Killing as Accidental death , on investigating the details , it was revealed to our correspondent , that the local Police registered the case on the basis that  , as Naveed Abbas was cleaning his Pistol , it was accidentally triggered , due to which he died , and to further authenticate their version of the story not only they did this , but cunningly they  have the same statement signed from his Poor , illiterate friends ,as the Local Police knew that the Poor friends are illiterate , and could not read and write , so they cheated them and told them , that they have written the statement on their version of target Killing , while they wrote their own version of Accidental Death and have it signed by the friends of Naveed Abbas. While No body have taken notice of these conspiracies of the local Police till yet , as the family & friends are disturbed over such cheating and concealment of facts by the LEA, which in other words giving cover to the crimes of the Terrorist and Promoting terrorism in the City .

In the second case the Dead Body of Kazim Hussain was recovered from the Limits of F.C.Area , while as per the statement given by his family members , he was Kidnapped from somewhere near his house on Friday night , after which the family tried their best to get his where about, but finally his dead body ,was recovered.

His funeral prayers was offered at Imam Bargah  Bab Ul Ilm , Noth Nazimabad, after the Maghribain Prayers On Saturday, while his burial was carried out at the Grave Yard , Waadi E Hussain , Super Highway , Karachi.

The third Incident was reported from D.I.Khan, as Syed Ejaz Hussain Shah s/o Syed Fida Hussain Shah house was attacked by the Terrorist of Lashkar e Jhangvi.

As per the details ,  Ejaz Hussain was living in the Limits of  a small Town , Mehard , as he was on the Target of the terrorists of Lashkar e Jhangvi , and on the Sunday night his house was attacked , in which , the terrorist fired Indiscriminately , and targeted Ejaz , due to which he sustained fatal Bullet wounds, while he was rushed to the Local Hospital , where he was treated of his Bullet wounds , but he could not survive , And was Pronounced Dead on Arrival.

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