Longer you take to stand up against Injustice , the Bigger the Price you have to Pay

JNN 25 Aug 2011 : People should take lesson from this Photo only , which is not very old , Rather Just 10 Months Old , And any of these Dictators , with absolute Powers , Never thought that the next year , they can never think of enjoying the same ,People should also get lesson from this What a difference ten months can makes. May be World Powers Now , will no more be called even a country any more.

 In this photo taken on Oct. 10, 2010, Moammar Gaddafi, Hosni Mubarak, and the presidents of Tunisia and Yemen smile for the cameras in the front row of the Afro-Arab Joint Summit meeting in Sirte, Libya.

Less than a year later, two of the long-time leaders have been pushed from power, one has agreed to cede power after surviving an assassination attempt, and the other seems to be just days or hours from the end of his reign.

Tunisian president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, on the left in the blue suit with his hands clasped, was the first leader to fall. The revolution that began when Mohamed Bouazizi, a disgruntled jobseeker, burned himself to death in December, led to Ben Ali’s ouster on January 14, and sparked the wave of revolts that have swept Arab countries ever since. Ben Ali fled to Saudi Arabia after 23 years in power.

Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak, on the far right in the dark suit with his fingers entwined, resigned on February 11 after a popular revolt powered by social media that lasted nearly three weeks. Mubarak ruled for 30 years, but at age 81 is now being tried on charges of corruption and allegedly ordering the killing of protestors. He has appeared in court on a gurney and in a cage.

Yemen’s Ali Abdullah Saleh, with a gray moustache to Ben Ali’s left, agreed to step down on April 23 after massive street protests. He had ruled for 33 years. He said he planned to hand over power, but then refused to sign an agreement ceding power. He barely survived an RPG attack on the presidential compound on June 3. The next day he was evacuated to a military hospital in Saudi Arabia and a vice president became acting president of Yemen.

In July Saleh appeared on television, bandaged and burned, to say he welcomed power sharing. He has pledged to hold elections, but not before 2013.

Moammar Gaddafi, instantly recognizable by his distinctive robes, and with his arms draped around Mubarak and Saleh, had the longest run of any of the leaders, taking power in a bloodless coup in 1969 before he had turned 30. Street protests that began in February, however, turned into full-scale civil war, and after a seesaw battle lasting six months, and after intervention on the side of the rebels by NATO, Gaddafi was said to be surrounded in Tripoli on August 22.

People have just even Witnessed the Riots in London , which Burned whole of the London and shattered the British Government , which never thought of such happenings , it looks they have controlled the situation, but it may be noted , that they have just , Pluged the boiling Kettle, while it is still on fire , and another Break out is on the verge , and it is Just a matter of time , that it will explode  .

The Irish economic collapse , Just triggered the EU Econmic downfall  , which is being followed by the Greek Crisis,  Spain and Italy are already in Line , and there Economies are already collapsed , and they are also looking towards EU ,for financial assistance . And it is Just matter of little time and these great European Countries , which are known for their ruins. Will be in Ruins , while the Intellectuals of these Leaders of the World Knew the conditions and it is because of this that they have eyed towards the East and trying to capture its resources and land to feed their empty stomachs .

On the other hand the economy of the Only World Power has been in shatters for the last 4 years , and the downward trend can not be changed even after taking drastic steps , and the Hunger Riots are Just the Next corner , and the Bigger the Power the Bigger the Blast , so beware and take your share and run away before it is too late .

Justice Rules , looters can never loot till eternity .

Dictators have to go , Justice have to Prevails , That is the Rule of the Nature.

3 thoughts on “Longer you take to stand up against Injustice , the Bigger the Price you have to Pay

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