Within 24 hours 3 Shia Men embraced Martyrdom in the ongoing Target Killing in Karachi and D.I.Khan.

 JNN 28 Aug 2011 : The graph of detoriating Law and Order Condition in Karachi and other parts of Pakistan is showing a upsurge In the Terrorist activities As Agha Jaffer , 23 years of age was Targetted and Killed in the limits of Pehlwan Goth Gulistan e Johar , Karachi, when he was taken to the area Unit office of ANP , and where The terrorist of ANP Fired and Killed him . Second such incident occurred in the limits of Saddar Town  , at Zamazama , when The Shia Advocate Murtaza Chinoy was targeted and Killed , while the third incident of Target Killing was committed , when Police Constable Sohail Abbas s/o Shafi Abbas , 28 was targeted and Killed , when he was performing his duty at District Hospital D.I.Khan.

As per the details the Hussain Hazara Goth , which is a pre dominantly a Shia Majority area, and the resident are mostly of Hazara Community , who are Pushtoon Shia by ethenicity , As the Terrorist Groups affiliated with the Political Parties in the city of Karachi , are trying to capture different areas , by terrorizing the residents of the area, and in this quos , the terrorist of the Banned Religious outfits , like Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , Lashkar e Jhangvi , Tehrik e Taliban , and other Terror organizations have taken shelter in the Political Parties , and in this regard the majority of the terrorist of Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan , now in Karachi , have taken  shelter in the Pushtoon ethenic Party ANP, which its leadership also knows , but to claim their Might and to show their strength , they are also using them , while these terrorist of TTP, SSP , LeJ, are now working like mercenaries , and can do any thing for money , and at the same time , they also carry out their own agenda of sectarian disharmony , and hatred , and the same happened in the case of the Target Killing of Agha Jaffer  , who was a young boy , and was ready to help the needy at all times ,and was also the voice of the oppressed , and this causes troubles to the ranks of Terrorist ,as some body working for the Innocent and Oppressed as they are the Prime target of these targets , and above all a Shia Men , He was cunningly called by Muhhamad Khan , Unit Incharge of  ANP unit office  to their  Unit office, where Sami another ANP activitist fired and killed the Innocent Agha Jaffer.

As the News spread in the area , All the people of the area gathered to protest against the killing , and when they reached the ANP area office , all the people from the office fled away , the enranged People , as the first strategy of Nip in the bud , set the ANP office on fire , so the evil should be nipped in the Bud , otherwise they have to face much more devilish Plans of these Devils in Disguise.

The funeral Prayer of Agha Jaffer was offered on Saturday  Morning at Central Imambargah of Hussain Hazara Goth , while his burial was carried out at Wadi Hussain .

In the second even of Target Killing of Shia Men in Karachi , Shia Advocate Murtaza Chinoy was targeted and Killed as he was passing on the main zamzama Road , Clifton , where the Killers ambushed him and fired at him , due to which he sustained fatal injuries, and could not survive .

His funeral prayes were offered at the Imam bargah Yasrab , Defence Society , after the Juma Prayers , and his burial was offered at the local graveyard.

The third event of target Killing took place in D.I.Khan, where Police Constable Sohail Abbas s/o Shafi Abbas , 28 , was targeted and killed , when he was on performing his duty at the District Hospital D.I.Khan, where the terrorist took the advantage of the night , and fired targeting Sohail Abbas , due to which he was fatal injured and could scumb to his injuries.

D.I.Khan has also been a Hub of terrorist activities against the Shia Men, as being Part of the Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa , which is already a nurturing ground of the Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan , Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , and Lashkar e Jhangvi , and above all as we have even earlier mentioned , that the terrorist of these Banned Organizations are hired Killers and the Political Parties even hiring and doing alliances with them due to which these Political Parties get the Might of terrorizing the Innocent People of the area , so nobody can say anything against them , while on the other hand the terrorist of the banned organization get the cover of these Political parties , which give them a better space to work on their nefarious designs , as in those areas JUI –F , have done alliance with the SSP, and so the terrorist activities of SSP , have increased also .

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