Shia community in Quetta Mourns ,on Eid ul Fitr over the Blast ,which killed atleast 11 , while several others Injured

JNN 31 Aug 2011 Quetta : A powerful blast killed at least 11 Shia community members and injured 22 others when a bomb was detonated on Gulistan Road  in the Murriabad area of  Quetta , Out side a Shite Mosque , from where the Momineen were returning home after the Eid ul Fitr Prayers on Wednesday.

The bomb exploded in a car park next to a mosque where Eid ul Fitr prayers was performed by the Shia Muslim, senior police official Mohammad Hashim told AFP.

Quetta police chief Ahsan Mehboob said a bomb disposal team had concluded that it was a suicide car bomb, as he raised the official toll from 10.

“Remains of a badly mutilated body were found in the car. It appears that he was not wearing the explosives on his body but he had planted those in the car and detonated when he could not go beyond the parking lot,” Mehboob told AFP.

Mahboob added that the bomber was driving a car laden with about 40kg of explosives. The attacker targeted a Shiite congregation that was offering Eid prayers in a mosque. The bomb was detonated when the people were returning home after Eid prayers.
Some of the injured were shifted to the Civil Hospital and Bolan Medical College for treatment. Others were rushed to the Provincial Sandeman Hospital through private vehicles and Edhi. Five people succumbed to their injuries.

“Our security was alert, so he could not go beyond the parking, otherwise he might have caused a lot more casualties,” he said, adding that all the dead had been identified by relatives except the suicide bomber.

Quetta police official Hamid Shakil said two women and a seven-year-old boy were among the dead.

The blast also destroyed 10 cars and several houses in the vicinity.

Authorities fear a rise in the number of casualties and have declared an emergency at the Civil Hospital after the incident.

Police have cordoned off the area and investigations are underway.

The Shiite community of Quetta has announced that it will observe seven days of mourning to condemn the attack.

Members of the Shiite community also gathered and staged a protest at the site of the blast where they chanted slogans against the government.

Quetta Azadari Council has announced weeklong mourning against the blast.

In separate statements, Hazara Democratic Party (HDP) and Jafria Alliance Pakistan (JAP) have condemned the terrorist attack.

While Allama Abbas Kumaili , The President of JAP , said that the Government should take immediate actions , of these terrorist activities against the Shiite community members all over Pakistan, as these attack and terrorist activities against Shia Muslims, which includes the target killing of Shia community members  are fatal for the Pakistan itself , as the time and the Past have proved that if these activities , would have been checked and a serious action should have been taken by the LEA’s , then today the Pakistan would have been a much safer place and there wouldn’t be any threat to Pakistan’s Integrity, as today Pakistan faces , serious challenges from out side and inside both.

See the video of the Mess after the Blast , a detail report

2 thoughts on “Shia community in Quetta Mourns ,on Eid ul Fitr over the Blast ,which killed atleast 11 , while several others Injured

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