Sadr demands Saudi Arabia to withdraw its forces from Bahrain

JNN 03 Sep 2011 BAGHDAD : Sadrist Trend leader Muqtada al-Sadr called upon Saudi Arabia to withdraw its forces from Bahrain Kingdom and non-interference in its internal affairs.

In a statement issued on the Sadrist Trend site today, he criticized the actions against religious Sheikh Issa Ahmed Qassim and demanded Saudi Arabia to withdraw its forces from Bahraini territories in order the Bahraini people decide their will.

On March 13, Saudi-led forces were first dispatched to the Persian Gulf island nation upon Manama’s request to quell countrywide protests.

Manama regime has intensified its crackdown on the popular revolution that has been continuing since Mid-February against the decades-long ruling of al-Khalifa dynasty in the country.

Bahrain the Situation is set to further detoriate as the voice of the Majority Shia Party Al Wefaq , have announced to Boycott even the By election, which are being done on the seats ,which were vacated , when the members of the Opposition Party Al wefaq resigned in Protest against the crackdown on the Peaceful Protesters. As Now the Dictatorial regime of King Hamad Issa Al Khalifa , is becoming more against the Majority of the Population. And has left No way of Reconciliations , while the Saudi Monarchy is supporting the Dictatorial Regime, as they fear if this revolution becomes successful , then the same will happen with the Saudi unjust rule , which is promoting sectarianism in Muslims , all over the world will be terminated , as there is already Protests and Unrest in its Oil reach Provinces of Qatif , Alhasa , where is again the Majority is the deprived Shia Population.

Saudi Arabia has its common borders with Bahrain, Iraq , and Kuwait which have the sizeable Shia Population , Revolution in Iraq have already ,given rights and Power to the Shia Population, while Bahrain is in the middle of Revolution, and the Kuwaiti shia’s are getting geared up for the Revolution for which Government is worried ,The Revolution against the tyrant rulers have begun , it is now Just Matter of time that the Peoples power will sweep away the Zionist Control Middle East and North Africa.

More than 42 people have been martyred and thousands arrested so far during the government clampdown on peaceful protests.

Bahrain is also home to major military base of the US Navy’s Fifth Fleet. And  it is because of this that to Keep its influence and Military Might US is safe guarding the Dictators of the region .

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