2 Shia Men embraced Martyrdom , even after the Surgical Operation by Rangers & Police

JNN 03 Sep 2011 : Even after the News. Of Operation By Rangers and Police in Karachi  the Target Killing of Shia Men continues , Abdul Karim 24 was targeted by the terrorist of ANP , associated with TTP ,  On Saturday late Night in the Limit of Gulistan e Jauhar , Karachi. While another Shia Man Qaiser Bukhari , 42 was targeted and Killed , when he was onn Kacheri Road , coming back from work to his home in D.I.Khan.

The Young Man Abdul Karim’s Target Killing is said to be in connection of the earlier Target Killing of another Shia Jaffer Shah , who was Killed by the terrorist of ANP , who were trying to enforce their Domination with the use of excessive force , and terrorizing the People of the area, as per the details the Terrorist of ANP killed , Jaffer Shah , as he was raising his voice against the Brutalities of these parties , who are acting in Mafia like style of enforcing their writ and Domination on the Peaceful citizen of the area , And as the residents of the Hussain Hazara Goth who were annoyed and angered over the Killing of Innocent , Jaffer Shah , so in reaction and to end the presence of these Mafia Like working Parties ANP , they resident torched the Unit office of ANP , in Hazara Goth, As Abdul Karim was also present at the time of this event , so it is told by the residents of the area , that the target Killing of Abdul Karim , who was a Motor Mechanic , and was Present at his Workshop , late Night about 2a.m , trying to finish his upended Jobs , 2 Target Killers came to his Workshop and fired several bullets on him , due to which he was fatally injured and was rushed to the Jinnah Hospital Hospital , but could not scum to his injuries , and embraced martyrdom .

It should also be noted that the target killing of Shaheed Karim was the third consecutive incident of target killing of Shia Men in Hussain Hazara Goth, Gulistan e Jauhar , Karachi.  within 2 months, as the terrorist of  TTP and ANP Association has already taken life of  Agha Jaffar shah and Qurban Ali during the past two months period.

Even after the claims of the Government that the Target Killing has ended in the City of Karachi , after the Surgical Operations in different areas of the city , The federal and provincial government have completely failed to unearth and eliminate the network of Banned Sectarian terrorist Outfits in Karachi and other Parts of Pakistan , who are still Operating and busy in Target Killing of Shia Men.

Another Shia victim of Target Killing is Qaiser Bukhari , who was targeted on Kachery Road ,D.I.Khan,at about 10.30P.M, on Friday Night , while he was returning Home after work , He was intercepted by the terrorist of Lashkar e Jhangvi , who are working in collaboration with the terror Network of Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan . Who fired several shots , due to which he was critically injured , he shifted to the Local Hospital , but could not scum to his injuries , and was pronounced dead on arrival .

Syed Qaiser Bukhari was a Social worker and was also the Ex Councillor from D.I.Khan , and he was running his Business as a Cable Operator.

The Terrorist of Lashkar e Jhangvi , Sipah e Sahaba , Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan, are also working as Hired Mercenaries, and the Political Parties are also using these terrorist groups ,to show their Muscle in the areas where they have a weak voters base , Like ANP is Using the Terrorist of TTP , in Karachi , and JUI- Fazal ur Rehman is giving cover to the Terrorist of SSP , who are now also working in return for the JUI-F , and it is because of this D.I.Khan is also under Heavy threat of Sectarian Violence , where Shia Citizens are being Brutally Murdered very oftenly , and Government looks unconcerned about these Target Kilings of the Shia Citizens , But Government will have to pay a Huge Price of this Criminal Silence over the Target Killing of Shia Men.

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