Biased Media & Punjab Govt Portraying Ali Pur Attack of Terrorist Malik Ishaq , as a attack on him by Shia Men

JNN 22 Sept 2011 : On Sunday The Chief of the Outlaw Banned Terrorist Organisation  with his henchmen tried to terrorize the Innocent Shia Population of Ali Pur, By taking his team of fully armed terrorist with him in a convoy to pass  Ali pur , but as the News has already reached the Shia Citizens of Ali Pur so to prevent any mishap the elders and youngster of the town led by Sardar Qazim Ali Haideri, raised their concerns over the passage of the LeJ entourage through their area , and reached the Ali Pur Panjnud Road  to convince the Terorrist Malik Ishaq not to pass through Ali Pur , rather take an Alternative Route. Continue reading