Biased Media & Punjab Govt Portraying Ali Pur Attack of Terrorist Malik Ishaq , as a attack on him by Shia Men

JNN 22 Sept 2011 : On Sunday The Chief of the Outlaw Banned Terrorist Organisation  with his henchmen tried to terrorize the Innocent Shia Population of Ali Pur, By taking his team of fully armed terrorist with him in a convoy to pass  Ali pur , but as the News has already reached the Shia Citizens of Ali Pur so to prevent any mishap the elders and youngster of the town led by Sardar Qazim Ali Haideri, raised their concerns over the passage of the LeJ entourage through their area , and reached the Ali Pur Panjnud Road  to convince the Terorrist Malik Ishaq not to pass through Ali Pur , rather take an Alternative Route.

But as per the details of our correspondent , the terrorist Squad of Malik Ishaq which was ready for action as per their Plan  , opened fire on Unarmed Negotiators , who has come to convince him . Due to which Six Shia Citizens of Ali Pur were injured , and to counter the attack , and defend themselves the Youth of Ali pur also retaliated , due to which Three Terrorist of the Banned Lashkar e Jhangvi were sent to hell.

The Biased Punjab Government who is openly sponsoring and supporting the Terrorist and giving cover to the Terrorist Networks , due to which the Law & Order Situation in Punjab is worst in whole of Pakistan.

As Biased attitude of Punjab Government can been gauge in this Incident Only that A Proclaimed Terrorist Malik Ishaq  who is the founder of the Banned International Terrorist Network Lashkar e Jhangvi , who is still on Bail , who’s movement is also restricted , as his name is being on the fourth schedule of the Anti-Terrorism Act, but still he, and his co-accused have been moving freely in Punjab, rather with complete police protection.

As per law he could not address any Public meeting , or even can go out of his District , with out Prior approval of the Police of the area ,while they are  roaming freely in whole of the Punjab, and addressing the Public meeting , where he is Propagating  his Theory of Hatred against the Shia Sect  , and fanning Sectarianism , which is the Most Lethal & fatal Weapon that can be used to Disintegrate the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, where the whole nation is fighting against such terrorist activities and the terrorist , working on the Plans of their foreign masters , to Disintegrate Pakistan and defame Islam, the Punjab Government is sponsoring such Terrorist and Terrorist Networks.

And to add further the Biased Media & the Punjab Government is showing the Incident as an attack on the terrorist Malik Ishaq , while the FIR of the attack has also been launched against the Shia Men of the Ali pur Ghallo area ,and about 160 Shia Men were being nominated in the FIR , who were Just defending the attack by the terrorist group who was trying to Invade & Terrorize the Shia Majority Town, as even A night Before the terrorist of the Banned Lashkar e Jhangvi have even torched about 10 motorcycles of the Shia Community members.

As per our sources the secret  Intelligence agencies in their report to Chief Minister Punjab Government has also even earlier intimidated that the Free Movement of the Proclaimed Terrorist and Murderer of Atleast 70 Shia men , Malik Ishaq , will result in some major  Unrest in the Province , as he is fanning sectarianism , which could lead to sectarian riots and civil Unrest in the Southern Punjab , which may finally grip whole of the Punjab.

The Shia & Sunni Political and Social Organisation like MWM , Jaferia Alliance Pakistan, ISO , and others have shown their deep concerns over the latest development in the Punjab Province and the Biased attitude of the Punjab Government , and has demanded the release of all the Shia Men , and cancellation of all the cases against them , as they have just defended their area and holy Places from the attack of the Terrorist of Banned Organisations.

As per the latest details Malik Ishaq has been Detained for 10 Days Under MPO , by the Punjab Government , keeping in view the present situation due to the Incident of clash at Punjnad Ali Pur Road on Sunday, which may result in a sectarian Unrest in whole of Punjab.

As per our Correspondent , the latest details from Ali Pur tells that 3 Young Shia Men have also been kidnapped by the terrorist of Lashkar e Jhangvi , namely Malik Zafar Ali , Imran Ali Haider and Nazeer Hussain Naqvi , and their lives are under threat as these ruthless Killers want to avenge the death of their terrorist network companians who were killed  On Sunday , while the attack was defended by the Shia Men .

As this is  a  matter of great concern , if these attacks , Kidnappings and Cases against the shia Men continues then the wave of Sectarianism will surge , and it will be fatal and Lethal under the Prevailing and alarming International and National  Security situations . If a notice is not taken by the Punjab Government on Urgent Basis and the real culprits and Terrorist are not chained and Brought to Justice , the terrorist will succeed in implementing their Devilish Plans of Civil Unrest and fanning Sectarianism in the country .



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