3 Shia Coal Miners Martyred by the firing of LeJ Terrorist in Quetta, in 3rd such Attack in a week’s time

JNN 23 Sept 2011 QUETTA:  At least three Shia Coal Miners embraced Martyrdom and two injured when the Terrorist of Lashkar e Jhangvi Opened fire on Shia Passanger of  Van , near Sariab Road in Quetta on Friday. 

All those killed belonged to the Hazara Shia community and were coal mine workers. They were travelling to Mach Town when it was intercepted and the occupants of the van were firstly indentified as Shia and segregated from the Non shia passangers who were left  , and then the Terrorist of Lashkar e Jhangvi , and Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan  opened fire on the Identified Shia Passangers of the Van.

The injured were shifted to the Civil hospital & Bolan Medical Complex  after the incident.

Police officials said that the passenger van was parked next to a petrol station on the Sariab road when unidentified gunmen opened fire killing four passengers on the spot.

The Martyrs of the today’s Incident were identified as Aywaz Ali , Mohammad Ali, , And Ali Khan, while the Inured Talib Hussain is said to be in a Critical State ,and the rest of injured are also being treated in the Hospital.

All the Persons attacked were Belonged to the Shia Hazara Community of Quetta , and were Coal Miners by Profession , and were proceeding towards Mach , to Join there Duty at a Coal Mine.

This a Third attack on the Members of  Shia community in Balochistan in a week’s time , The first such attack was  when 29 people were killed in two separate, targeted incidents claimed by banned Terrorist outfit Lashkar-e-Jhangvi.

At least 26 people were killed and six others injured in Ganjidori area of Mastung, about 30 kilometres southeast of Quetta, when a group of armed men attacked a passenger bus carrying Shia pilgrims from Quetta to Iran.

Hours later, three more people, hailing from the Hazara community, were gunned down near Akhtarabad area of Quetta as their rescue team made its way to the site of the bus attack. Two others were also shot.

This sudden rise in the Target Killing and the attacks on the shia Community is widely seen  in the Prospective of Pakistan – US relations , as the Pakistan – US relations are strained , because of the Negative and Disintrigating attitude of US Administration , which in its Benefit , creating chaos and Civil War Like Situation to Disintegrate Pakistan

But  As the Pakistani Armed Forces have taken their due course and have shifted their dependence on US , and are trying to boost up their regional ties with the Emerging Super Power of the World China , Financially and Energy Rich Iran , and even the Pakistan friendly Afghans , and in this scenario US and its stooges in Pakistan , have started their terrorisit  Activities in full throttle and trying to block these regional ties of Pakistani Establishment  and armed forces .

As this have even been seen in the Past  , that the Murder of Chinese Engineers in Baluchistan , was done by the US sponsored Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan , and their allied Terrorist Organistions like Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , Lashkar e Jhangvi , Jundullah, and other groups , which is to hinder  the most vital relationship of Pakistan and China.

While the Recent and the Past Killing of Shia in Pakistan , is on the same Pattern , as the Zionist Controlled Saudi Monarchy , and the US Esbalishment , want to break the link between Pakistan and Iran , which is also very vital for Energy Starved Pakistan  , for its Energy resources and Plus a trust worthy Neighbor , which shares a common Long Border , and even have Common Muslim Shia Community across both the borders to promote the Brotherly relations , between the two countries .

RCD , Regional Cooperation Development , Programe was the first such Programe  after Independence , which was signed in the Era of the Late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto , which was signed for the Regional Development between Pakistan , Iran and Turkey , and under this Programme , Rail and Road Networks was to be developed in the first phase between the signatories , which would have given access to the citizens of all these countries to bloster there tourism and trade ties from Europe to China , which was beneficial for whole of the Region, but that could not be implemented as the US , doesn’t want to make his slaves , to become so Powerful & Prosperous that his Slaves will one day become his Masters .

While the Saudi Rulers who are again serving the Zionist Interest , and are afraid of the Powers of the Irani Revolution led by Ayatullah Khomeni , that may revolutionize whole of the Arab World , and can bring End to their Rule of Injustice , and Leadership of Muslim Ummah , which have Usurped the Wealth of the Muslims , and serving the Interest of the Zionist.

And it is because of this that the Shia Community is paying a Huge Price for Praying and Working Hard for the Integrity and Prosperity of Pakistan , As they have been on the Top Hit list of these Zionist Controlled Banned Outfits in Pakistan.

Even giving their lives , they have shown utmost restraint , and have not avenged any attack on the community members from Parachinar to Quetta and Karachi , while they have always been defensive and have just worked to protect themselves , rather to be offensive and start attacking the terrorist who are involved in the Killing of Shia community Members,

And this is the reason that since the creation of Pakistan , No group or Organisation has been formed by the shia community members , which is involved in terrorist activities , and that can be checked on record , as there are Number of Shia Social , Political and Humanitarian Welfare organizations formed by the Shia community members and are run in high esteem , and are honored Nationally and Internationally .

7 thoughts on “3 Shia Coal Miners Martyred by the firing of LeJ Terrorist in Quetta, in 3rd such Attack in a week’s time

  1. How long so many scores of innocent shias will be sacrificing their lives and their families suffer from these so called muslim, who infact are worst than Kaffir and Jahannumi . I wonder why these matters in Pakistan, Afghanistan and similer in Bahrain is not taken up by such forums like UN & International Courts of Justice .


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