Bahrain seeking Iran’s help to defuse crisis

JNN 27 Sept 2011 TEHRAN – The Bahraini foreign minister has called on Iran to help resolve the problems gripping his country. 
Shaikh Khalid bin Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Khalifa made the remarks during a meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi held in New York late on Monday.
The Bahraini foreign minister had requested the meeting.
During the meeting, Khalid expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that Iran and Bahrain do not currently have ambassadors to each other’s country and said he is keen that the ambassadors resume their activities.
He also said that dissension among Muslim nations in the region is unacceptable.
On the fact that a number of countries have expressed serious concern over the situation in Bahrain, Khalid said, “We have established a fact-finding committee chaired by Mr. (Mahmoud Cherif) Bassiouni, (an international United Nations war crimes expert), which will announce the result of its investigation by October, and we will accept the result and will act accordingly.”
The Iranian foreign minister said that the Islamic Republic has adopted a clear stance on the developments occurring in the region, does not interfere in the internal affairs of other countries, and respects their national sovereignty.
Salehi also said, “Iran believes that the only solution to problems facing Bahrain is practicing restraint and holding dialogue between the Bahraini officials and the people of the country.”

One thought on “Bahrain seeking Iran’s help to defuse crisis

  1. It is important for Iran to listen to the cries of the innocent Bahrainis who are being opressesd and suppressed from their own rulers . If the Bahraini royality against all
    norms can ask an outside country to help them killing their own people Iran should
    come forward and save the oppressed and world bodies should also collaborate in
    this crisis and the criminals responsible for the atrocities should be dealt with for war
    crimes irrespective of their status .

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