Unbreakable Forgotten Shia Prisoner – Do You Remember Him

JNN 30th Sept 2011 : Maulana Ghulam Raza Naqvi  who has been imprisoned in solitary confinement for the Last 16 years for the crimes he has never committed , on which he has been suspected ,But still he is not being freed , even after he has been acquitted from the Judiciary in all the cases against him , The only crime he confesses and is Proud of is that he belongs to the Shia community , and is the follower of Hazrat Muhammad PBUH , and his Ahle Bait .

Maulana Ghulam Raza Naqvi , who is the Chief of the Shia Organisation, Namely Sipah e Muhammad SAWW,  The primary objective of the SMP is the protection of the Shiite community from Wahabi fundamentalist and terrorist outfits. Its main rival are the Wahabi terrorist Organisation like Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ), Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan and their allied Organisations and cells .

SMP chief Ghulam Raza Naqvi is also reported to have visualised the creation of Al Quds force comprising of  both Shias and Sunnis to ‘liberate’ Jerusalem. But that was the Biggest crime he has ever thought of as this would have United the Two Main Sects of Muslim, and have given rise to the Unity among Muslims , against the Zionist Terrorism around the world and specially to liberate the Qibla e Awal of Muslims around the world.

There were  apparently no terrorist training facilities for the SMP cadres outside Pakistan and neither are its cadres been allowed to operate from outside Pakistan. Even then the Organisation was heavily infiltrated by the Intelligence agency recruits, as the establishment does not want that Shia community should have any Organisation ,which is capable of protecting and give a tit for tat answer to the Wahabi extremists ,as these Wahabi extremist were nurtured with the blessing and under the command and control of the Military Establishment of Pakistan , under the rule of Late General Zia ul Haq to till date.

As per the record when Maulana Syed Ghulam Raza Naqvi was arrested in 1996, after an announcement of reward money of Rs 2 million for his alleged involvement in about 30 cases of murder and dacoity. For which He is now in prison for the last 16 years and have faced all the framed charges against him , and have been acquitted in all the cases against him , while he has still not been released from the Prison till to date.

The Biased government of Punjab has not even allowed the family of Maulana Syed Ghulam Raza Naqvi and other detainees of Sipah-e-Mohammad Pakistan to meet their beloved ones from the last several years and on the other hand, they are suffering the solitary-confinement from the last 16 years.

While The Notorious terrorist Malik Ishaq belonging to banned Terrorist Wahabi outfit Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ), nominated in 44 cases in which 70 people were killed, and his family have allegedly received a monthly stipend, during his imprisonment, from the Punjab government. As it looks that he is being rewarded ,for being involved in the Killing of Shia People.

The Sipah e Mohammad was being originated in the year 1993 , at the time when the Shia community in Pakistan was under immense pressure, due to the high-rise in target Killing of Shia community members and Intellectuals , including Shia Doctors and Notables , and this was the  time when the Establishment was backing and busy in the creation of Mercenaries in form of Mujahideen , and Taliban , who have been fighting the war for US, and was terrorizing the Shia community ,as they were afraid of the Irani revolution led by the Shia clerics , which was very much popular in the hearts and minds of the Muslims of the region , and have the ability to sweep around the region , but these terrorist till today roam freely ,and  No terrorist Involved in the killing and Bomb Attacks on Shia Community members has been given any Punishment from any court in Pakistan .

On the Other hand the Criminals and Terrorists who have even confessed on the Media , of their involvement in the Killing of Dozens of Shia’s , which includes the names of Notorious criminals like , Akram Lahori , Riaz Basra, and the recently Malik Ishaq of LeJ, who have even confessed of Killing about 70 Shia persons , and even involved in the Murder of another Dozen of Shia community members , who tried to Present evidence and testify the Terrorist on record in the court of law . But these terrorist were rather freed from the Jails , while as said Justice Delayed in Justice Denied ,, And the Person like Maulana Ghulam Raza Naqvi is still kept in Prison .

Ghulam Raza is a strong believer of Unity among the Shia and Sunni Sects of Muslim , while He is known for turning Thokar Niaz Beg, a village in the suburbs of Lahore, a fortress for the shia community , Thokar Niaz Beg also serves as the SMP headquarters

As he wanted to defend all the shia community members against the Onslaught of the Wahabi Extremist , who were openly killing & attacking Shia persons and  were promoting  sectarianism on the pattern of Saudi extremism , who even promote sectarianism in their own country also , as it can be judged by the Prejudice Nature ,with Shia Citizens of their own country ,

And as these Wahabi extremist in Pakistan were also heavily funded by the Saudi Monarchy , on the US plans of divide and rule the Muslims of the world , and this Plan of the Yester years have even been confessed by the US Secretary of the state on record in her briefing to the US Congress, in which she openly confessed that as per their plan to disintegrate the previous USSR , with the help of Mercenaries collected from the madrassa around the country  , which were created and funded with the help of Wahabi Saudi rulers .

And these Saudi’s work tirelessly for the Zionist lobby , who have never supported the Just cause of the Helpless Palestinian Muslims ,as this is directly against the Zionist Interest. And same is the case with the Wahabi Terrorist under the Banner of Mujahideen and now the Taliban , and even the Al Qaida , who have killed thousands of Innocent Muslims , but have never condemned any Zionist , or even have fought against the Zionist state of Israel, but they love to Kill , the Innocent Muslims Praying in Mosques , Markets and any where were they get a chance to implement the Zionist Plans to Disintegrate Muslim countries and to defame Islam upto a level , where even Innocent Muslims , become afraid to practice the Simple Islam ,as they have Painted the most Brutal and Harsh Picture of Islam , which can not be acceptable to any body

SMP for all practical purposes stopped operating in 1996 after Ghulam Raza’s arrest. Its cadres now reportedly are disintegrated , due to  Lack of financial resources and training are also key factors in the SMP’s relative oblivion ,and at the same time it could not get any organisational support from the TJP, which restricted itself to providing legal aid to arrested SMP cadres

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