Operation in Karachi fails to stop Shia Targetted Attacks – Shia Man Injured in an Grenade attack

JNN 01 Oct 2011 Karachi : A Shia Man sustained injuries as he came under hand grenade attacks in Qasba Colony Karachi on late Saturday Night. When  Ali Medical Store came under attack By the Terrorist of Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan , who thew a Hand Generade at the Medical Store , followed by the Intense firing .

According to the details , On the Saturday evening , when  Ali Medical Store , situated at F Area, Qasba Colony , Near Jafria Imam Bargah was full of Customers , The terrorist of TTP ,came riding a Bike and threw a Hand Generade in the shop ,followed by the intense firing , due to which atleast two men in the shop were injured namely , Kamran and Zakir Ali , due to which the shop was also damaged

This is the second time that the same Medical Store have come under attack as it has also came Under attack 2 years earlier in which a Shia Man Ale Raza was Martyred with  another Unknown Man .

The Owner of the Medical Store Md. Ali is the trustee of Jafria Imam Bargah and , is also the councilor for the area, in previous Local Bodies.

The Government and the LEAs has to take serious  note of the Terrorist activities of these TTP and its allied Banned Organisations like SSP  , LeJ , Jundullah , and other cells , as these Organisation were once enjoying  the Patronage of the Establishment Of Pakistan , which are now working against the Integrity of Pakistan, while they start there mission in any area under the cover of sectarianism and finally they are terrorizing whole of the Pakistan Nation, and working against the Integrity of Pakistan and are directly working , under the patronage of CIA Contractors , which have Just one Plan , and that is to destabilize Pakistan to such a limit  that the US intervention in the affairs of Pakistan Has to be accepted in all forms and with all the features

8 thoughts on “Operation in Karachi fails to stop Shia Targetted Attacks – Shia Man Injured in an Grenade attack

  1. I don’t think , as long as the authorities are incompetent and impotant , there is another solution except tit for tat but the target should not be the comman man of the community, they are innocent, but the evil laders , evil clerics and the evil office bearers of the organisations (terrorists) who are rfollowing the lagacy of their peers,moaviah and yazid
    and others.

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