US Sponsored Target Killers confessed instigating Sectarianism & Killing Innocent Syrians

JNN 09 Oct 2011 : Terrorist Youssef Ghazi al-Saleh confessed to taking part in a number of terrorist acts in al-Harak area in Daraa countryside including killing three brothers to blame the security personnel, two army members and vandalizing the Consumer Products Establishment, the Municipality, the Civil Registry, the Police Station, the Baath Party headquarters and a school, and the house of the Mayor in the area. 

The 28 year old al-Saleh referred in his confessions broadcast by the Syrian TV on Saturday to the so-called “sheikh Wajih al-Qaddah” who he said was responsible for the provocative religious discourse among the protesters at the tents they set up in the area.

The terrorist said there were Lebanese persons who used to sit by the side of al-Qaddah and who were once seen giving him money and asking if he would need foreign currency like the Dollar and the Euro in exchange for continuing protests in all the possible ways “whether in terms of funding or escalating the situation through fire shooting.”

Al-Saleh said that al-Qaddah frequently asked him and a group of young men to carry out acts of sabotage, the first was to storm the Consumer Products Establishment, which they did and received a trivial reward in return.

“We also carried out acts of vandalism against the building of the Municipality, the Civil Registry, the Police Station and the Party headquarters and the house of the Mayor…and the Tenth School in al-Harak city,” the terrorist added.

He also confessed to killing two army personnel who were driving a motorcycle. “Sheikh al-Qaddah, Mohammad Faisal al-Qaddah, Firas al-Imam and me killed the two army members, threw their bodies behind a dirt barrier and fled away.”

Al-Saleh also admitted that they committed criminal acts against civilians including the killing of three young men from one family, under the supervision of sheikh al-Qaddah, with the funding provided by Mohammad al-Hussein al-Ma’rouf.

Terrorist al-Saleh said “The idea behind the killing was to blame the security personnel for the crime, and consequently to create a media fanfare and instigate the public opinion on the internal and external level so that foreign governments will exert pressure on the Syrian government.”

He added that the killing of the three young men, which took place behind the stairs of a building under construction on the main road, was committed in coordination among Sheikh al-Qaddah, Firas al-Imam, Abu Sami al-Haraki and him, noting that he received SYP 5000 for the successfully executed operation.

“We beat the young men as they were passing and told them that the security forces will come soon to arrest them so that we get them to enter the building. At that point we hit them with sticks on their heads and they passed out. Then sheikh al-Qaddah opened fire on them,” the terrorist confessed.

He pointed out that there were about 700 gunmen in al-Hirak area armed with ak-47 rifles. “Some of them participated in attacking a security vehicle.”

Al-Saleh pointed out that the money was coming from Lebanon, adding that the person responsible for paying money for buying arms was Hussein Qouman in coordination with Sheikh al-Qaddah.

“Weapons were coming from Jordan…As far as I know, three shipments of weapons were smuggled into Syria on the back of donkeys through specific ways. Those were enough to arm a military brigade. They included ak-47 rifles, hand grenades, machineguns and ammunition,” the terrorist said.

He concluded that weapons were being hidden in caves in al-Hirak area, making use of the rugged nature of Daraa governorate.

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