US Responsible for Egypt Violence says Hezbollah

Lebanon’s resistance movement, Hezbollah, has accused the United States of involvement in the recent wave of violence in Egypt.
JNN Oct.11th 2011 Condemning sectarian clashes in the Egyptian capital of Cairo, Hezbollah said in a statement on Monday that the clashes were part of an American project to divide the Middle East based on religious and racial differences.

The Lebanese movement has called on Egyptians to be vigilant and try to resolve their problems through dialog.

Twenty-five people were killed on Sunday after clashes boiled over a large section of downtown Cairo, and drew in Christians, Muslims and security forces. Nearly 300 people were also injuries.

Most of those killed were Coptic Christians. However, government officials said that at least three soldiers were also among the dead.

The riots began when about 1,000 Christian protesters tried to stage a sit-in outside the state television building in Cairo. The protesters said they were then attacked by ”thugs” with sticks.

The violence then spiraled out of control especially after a speeding military vehicle jumped up onto a sidewalk, and rammed into some of the protesting Christians.

Egypt’s military rulers have called for an investigation into unrest in Cairo.

Meanwhile, several hundred Christians on Monday gathered outside a Coptic hospital in the capital, where the bodies of victims of last night’s violence were taken, and pelted police with stones.

There were no reports on casualties from Monday’s clashes.


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