Sheikh Isa Qassim Bahraini warns all ruling dictators

JNN Oct22nd.2011, Bahraini spiritual leader Sheikh Issa Qassim says dictators all over the world will meet former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s end.

JNN Oct.22nd. 2011. Sheikh Isa Qassim, Bahraini Shiite leader has described former Libyan leader’s killing “a lessen” for all ruling dictators.

“The dark end and the murder of the ousted Ghaddafi sends a clear message to all dictators and reminds them that the dictators era would expire at the end of the day,” Sheikh Isa Qassim, the most senior Bahraini shia leader said in his Friday speech.

Bahrain’s opposition Party Al-Wefaq spiritual leader said “despotic regimes should take lessen from his [Gaddafi’s] fate and should know that they will come up with the same destiny; so, if they don’t want to be cursed and damned by nations, they should think of their own people’s interest and step up efforts to meet their demands.”

Sheikh Qassim castigated women’s detention by the ruling regime of Bahrain and said “Bahraini prisons are full and the government has become so rude that freedom-seeker women are incarcerated and separated from their children.”

Bahraini officials pose as defenders of women’s right but the security forces crimes in City trade Center and invasion to the resident of the head of Bahrain’s teacher’s union are in contrary to their claims, Qassim said.

Sheikh Qassim also took a jab at US administration and said that the US seeking her own benefit by supporting Arab movements.

“Washington is against Arab spring and looking for its own benefits, that’s why it has taken a political approach which goes at odd with the revolution [in Arab states].”

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