2 Shia Men Martayed and 1 Injured by firing of Wahabi Terrorist in Karachi

JNN Oct 29th. 2011 The target killing of Shia Muslims have been continued in Karachi as two Shia men were gunned down in the metropolis during the last 24 hours. And One was injured, received bullets in his chest and leg.

The Shia Man Raza Abbas son of Saqlain Abbas was gunned down by the armed terrorists at Gulistan-e-Johar (Mosamiat) Karachi, when he was returning to his home.

The eye witnesses said that the armed terrorists blocked the vehicle of Raza Abbas at Gulistan-e-Johar and opened the fire on Raza Abbas, when he reacted to the terrorists.

Syed Kausar Hussain  Zaidi  50 , former secretary Information of Shia Ulema Council Sindh and Raza Abbas were gunned down by the Wahabi terrorist beside the last night attack on Shia catering owner Ali Akbar.

The Sindh Government and law enforcement agencies have failed to arrest the culprits of outlawed terrorists outfits involved in the genocide of Shia Muslims in Karachi and Pakistan.While on the other hand Innocent Shia Men are being victimized ,and are arrested on the charges of Target Killing , the establishment is trying to push the Shia community in Pakistan from Parachinar to Karachi against the wall , as its members are being targeted &  killed by the Wahabi terrorist , who were once nurtured by the establishment and still some factions of the Wahabi Terrorist Outfits are being Protected  by the Pakistani establishment .

Shia man Kauser Zaidi, 50, was gunned down by the armed terrorists of Wahabi terrorists of  outlawed Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and Taliban in Pakistan chowk near Burns road Karachi, when he was going to his home after completing his work inside the City Court Karachi. He was accompanied by his wife who was also injured in the incident.

Shaheed Kausar Zaidi received several bullets on his chest and head. Shaheed Kauser Zaidi  was employee in city court and also he was information secretary of Shia Ulema Council Sindh. His dead body was shifed to  civil hospital Karachi, and then later on shifted to Fatmiyah community center , M.A. Jinnah Road.

His Funeral prayer has to be offered at the Hussaini Imambargah , Jut Land , Lines area , and the burial will be performed at Wadi e Hussain , Graveyard Super Highway.

Mean while, Ali Akbar, 42, owner of the catering service also  received two bullets on his chest and leg on Thursday night, when he was working at his catering shop situated at Sector 11-D New Karachi.

Mr Ali Akbar is the residence of Sector 11-D New Karachi and the father of six children. He was shifted to private Hospital in Karachi for immediate recovery from the serious wounds of bullets.

Genocide of Shia community is being witnessed across the country specially in Karachi, D.I.Khan and Quetta. The armed Wahabi terrorists through a well-planned conspiracy targeting the Shia Muslims of the country to fulfill their duty of serving the evil designs of their Zionist American and Indian Masters

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