Western Conspiracies to topple Syrian Government , Will Bring a Regional Turmoil

JNN Nov. 1st.2011:There is a conspiracy involving regional powers that is aimed at overthrowing the Assad regime in Syria, warned Beirut-based political analyst Kamel Al Wazne.

He argued that Syria’s neighbors are getting involved in the country’s political process out of a personal vendetta again President Bashar al-Assad.

“As you can see, the regional powers haven’t been neutral with the situation that is taking place inside Syria,” Al Wazne told RT. ”Actually, some of these countries have been fueling weapons and money and a certain ideology to topple Assad’s regime.

The reason, Al Wazne says, is simple.

“President Assad has taken a very strong position in the past, supporting the resistance in Lebanon, Iraq and Iran and the idea of a regional alliance against Israel,” he stated. “Certain regional powers – namely Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar – don’t like that.”

Still, Al Wazne sees Assad’s position as a strong one.

“The president still has the biggest support in Syria, we have seen millions turning up to support him,” he said. “And he acknowledges that there is opposition in the country asking him for change. That’s why we are having constitutional reform. But there are also external powers – the so-called opposition in exile. Those are backed by the West and some Persian Gulf countries.”

Direct NATO involvement, he warned, would be unwise.

“I think any attempt by the US or a Western power may backfire, as the situation in Syria is much different from the one in Libya,” he said. “We have to remember Muammar Gaddafi had a peace deal with the West, he had given everything he has to the US, setting up cooperation with the US intelligence and putting his money with the US, and they turned against him. The Syrian are more capable, unified and determined, they have the capability and the means to defend their country. The West knows that Syria will not be left alone in any confrontation.”

Canadian war correspondent Scott Taylor agrees with Al Wazne.

“Syria is a little different in terms of geographic fault lines [from Libya],”

Taylor told RT.

“Any external involvement would have the potential to reverberate in the entire region. Iraq is not stable. The US is pulling out its troops, they are looking to relocating forces to Kuwait so they can still maintain some control over the area. Turkey has launched an incursion into northern Iraq [to] hunt the Kurds, and there is a Kurdish minority in Syria as well. Israel is on the border. You have got all kinds of things which would make it very hard to go in there and make a less-than-volatile situation.

“ Russian lawmakers, who went on a fact-finding mission to Syria recently, concluded that Damascus is indeed carrying out the democratic reforms it promised, and Al Wazne hopes the country can solve its problems without Western interference.

“The president will try his best to [unite] the country around him,” he said. “But the West have a vendetta against Assad, and thus we have to wait and see. There is a determination in the president and the Syrian people to find closure. But the conspiracy in my estimate will continue to act against the Assad regime.”

According to UN estimates, over 3,000 people – from both the opposition and Syrian law enforcement – have died since the violence broke out in March. Damascus says soldiers and police account for 1,100 of the dead.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

He has warned that any intervention by western powers to divide the country will break up the entire region.

“Any problem in Syria will burn the whole region. If the plan is to divide Syria, that is to divide the whole region,” he said in an interview with The Sunday Telegraph.

Assad made the remarks after US Senator John McCain raised the prospect of possible armed intervention in Syria.

The Syrian president also said that Western countries “are going to ratchet up the pressure, definitely.”

“But Syria is different in every respect from Egypt, Tunisia, and Yemen. The history is different. The politics is different,” he added.

“Syria is the hub now in this region. It is the fault line, and if you play with the ground you will cause an earthquake… Do you want to see another Afghanistan, or tens of Afghanistans?” Assad warned.

Syria has been the scene of what many observers believe to be a foreign-manufactured political unrest since mid-March, with demonstrations being held both against and in support of President Assad.

Damascus says the unrest has been largely orchestrated by elements that are well-paid and armed by foreign powers. Hundreds of people, including members of the security forces, have been killed in the turmoil.

The opposition says the security forces are behind the violence, but the Syrian government insists armed thugs are the culprits.

In the latest incident on Saturday, at least 20 Syrian soldiers were killed and 53 others were injured in clashes with gunmen in the western city of Homs.

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3 thoughts on “Western Conspiracies to topple Syrian Government , Will Bring a Regional Turmoil

  1. 1.
    It seems Assad is truthful when he says Syria is different from Egypt and Libya , it is not ruled by a dictator nor Asad or earlier his father lived a life of luxury and let their subject remained in abject poverty & misery . From the photographs, documentaries and peoples descriptions it seems to me that it is one of the best developed nation in that region and a large well kept heritage both of Christianity and Islam the two dominant religions existing side by side without much confrontation as every where else. And the most praiseworthy thing is that while the majority population of the nation is Sunni, the two Presidents over several decades have been Shia (Alivites as they are called) which in itself is rare. When there is so much peace , the majority admires the reforms introduced and developments achieved , why just because of some protestors with backings and incitements from envious outsiders be allowed to disturb the peaceful atmosphere no where visible any where else and then why , I say why you cause untold loss of life and property of the innocent Christians and Muslims . I tell you if the trouble escalates and nations put their ugly legs in the internal affairs of this beautiful country, the entire blame of killings & murders and the destruction , bringing down the progress of decades, will certainly be entirely on the interventioners.
    Every one and the world body should spare no efforts to prevent any intervention in the internal
    affairs of Syria and the President himself has announced further reforms, if the good sense prevails and the situation calms down, so far so good , otherwise it will be my sincere advice for the brother Basher al Assad to step down, go to a shrine in Iraq or Iran and live rest of the life praying at the holiest of holy Massoulium of Imam Ali (a) or Imam Raza (a). That will be like your dignified life you lived in this world and a much more brilliant hereafter.
    Not a drop of blood should be shed any further in Syria ,either of christians, sunni muslims or Shia
    Muslims and any one trying to interfere should be dealt with sternally whoever and however mighty.

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