Shia Target Killings continues in Pakistan

JNN Nov 2nd. 2011 : According to our Correspondent , Sipah e Sahaba Terrorist have Martyred another Shia Man, Who was brutally slaughtered and his head thrown on the road of Gilgit.

As per reports, A Muahmad Ali  son of Javed Ali had been kidnapped Thursday morning. He was a gardener at D.H.Q.

The report further adds that, terrorists cut his head and threw his body on bridge of Gilgit.

Local people are filled with severe anger and sorrow. Not only The whole Shia community but the whole of the Humanity  is against this heinous and Inhuman crime  and is protesting  against this cruel act.

It should be remembered that another Shia named Nisar Hussain  had been martyred yesterday morning by these sick Wahabi terrorists in the same area.

The Targetted killings of Shias have increased rapidly specially in Karachi, Quetta and Gilgit, While on the other hand the Interior Ministry is banning  peaceful Shia organizations.

4 thoughts on “Shia Target Killings continues in Pakistan

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