Retired Shia Justice escapes assassination attempt his friend Martyred.

                                                                                                                                                                                                          JNN Nov.6th 2011. Former Justice of Sindh High Court Justice Syed Zawar Hussain Jaffari on Friday 4th of Nov 2011. remained unhurt while a friend of his died in an assassination attempt  by armed Wahabi terrorists in the limits of Gulshan-e-iqbal Police Station, police said.

An official Ahmed Khan at the police station said the terrorists opened the straight fire on former Shia Judge of the Sindh High Court outside his home when he was going to offer Friday prayers from his home located at Block 5, Gulshan-e-Iqbal area.

His relative Zain-ul-Abideen was killed in the firing of the terrorists, who was waiting for the judge outside his residence.

The police have arrested two accused Jamil son of Bashir and Munir son of Abdul Mujeed after an encounter.

However, police has arrested two terrorists from the spot in an encounter.

The body was taken to Agha Khan Hospital for medico-legal formalities

5 thoughts on “Retired Shia Justice escapes assassination attempt his friend Martyred.

  1. Jameel and Basheer who have been caught and the two terrorists arrested should be investigated at a very fast track and if it is proved beyond doubt that they were involved in the terrorist activities then they should immediately be given Qoranic punishment by cutting their one hand and one leg from the opposite sides and they should be kept in exhibition so that such incidents should be checked , in case the investigation agenciies fail in this and do not act swiftly then the aggrieved community should take direct action enmasse on the concernd officials so that it should teach them a clear lesson. This matter is beyond tolerence any further and the inefficiant ,incompetent and impotent admistration should be directly punished . This note may be given wide publicity in your local press.

  2. Zainul Abedeen was killed while going to offer Jumah Namaz in pakistan’s while waiting for the Judge to accompany him in the prayers in the most prominent city of Pakistan, Karachi. Who attacked on them ? Hindus ?, christians ? , None of them , most likely Wahabi/Salafi , saudi inspired and likely finnanced by them, the so called Pakistani muslims , how devout , kill as many muslims,momins as you can and go to Jannah directly, reciting Osama Zindabad, Saudis long live, what a time has come , it seems moaviahs ,yazeeds and ibne muljims has been put to shame because more cruel waladuz-zinah have emerged with the progress of the society particularly in pakistan which should hence be named Shaitanistan.La’anat on such kind of adminstration. I think hardly any thing good will happen so every noble , honorable family,still living there by compulsion should only try to look for some greener pastures somewhere else .

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