Police crack down on Protesters in London

JNN 13 Nov 2011  London : Thousands of students marched through London on Wednesday in the latest display of anger against the British government’s austerity measures, with large numbers of police aiming to prevent a repeat of violence and rioting seen last year.

The demonstrators gathered at the University of London in the center of the city around noon. Some 10,000 people were expected to take part in the demonstration against the privatization of education and other attacks on the welfare state.

It has also been reported that a group of protesters managed to break away from the main route, where they went on to erect around two dozen tents in the heart of the city on Trafalgar Square.

Tension was building up among the demonstrators as police arrested at least 50 people in separate incidents, and moved to dismantle tents at Trafalgar Square.

Police threatened to arrest those ‘OccupyLSX’ protesters who were setting up tents at Trafalgar Square, and ordered them to join the marchers immediately.

Police forces began changing into full riot gear, helmets on hats and shoved into jackets and formed lines on Fleet Street to prevent demonstrators making their way towards St. Paul’s Cathedral.

They also halted marching at Fetter Lane, and with helicopters overhead, forces showed signs of preparing to ‘kettle’ large number of protesters as tension was mounting among the massive crowds.

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