SSP Terrorist Martyred another Shia Man in the unstopable Target Killing ,

JNN 13 Nov 2011 Karachi : The terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Targetted another Shia , S.Kashif  Zaidi s/o S.Riaz Zaidi, 28 he was targeted and Martyred at Gulshan e Iqbal No. 2

According to the details , S.Kashif. Zaidi was a regular Namazi at Madinat ul Ilm , At around 9.40p.m He was sitting in his  General Store Named Mafhh Store situated in Anas Arcade Gulshan e Iqbal Block No. 2 , when he was targeted  and fired by the terrorist of Lashkar e Jhangvi / Sipah e Sahaba multiple rounds , among which he received 3 bullets , 2 on his head and One in his Abdomen, due to which he was critically injured , He was shifted to Patel Hospital in Emergency , but the wounds were fatal and he was declared Dead on arrival, from where his body was shifted to the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital for Medico legal formalities , and then finally to the Imambargah Shuhadae Karbala , Sadaat Colony, F.B.Area.

He is Funeral Prayer was performed at Imam bargah shuhadae Karbala , after zuhrain prayers on Sunday , November ,2011 .And his Burial was done at Wadi e Hussain Graveyard , Super Highway .

As per details the Only fault of the Shaheed Kashif Zaidi was that he was a Pious man, who use to offer his daily  prayers at the Imam Bargah Madinat ul Ilm , which is in the vicinity of his residence and his shop, He was an ardent lover of Ahlul Bait, as the Name of his General Store was even abbreviated after them as MAFHH General Store , which was an abbreviation of M – Mohammad , A – Ali , F – Fatima , H – Hassan , H – Hussain .

The Shia Community Men are regularly being targeted and Killed by the terrorist of the Banned Organisation like , Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan, Lashkar e Jhangvi , Jundullah , Jaish e Mohd. , which were being trained by the establishment of Pakistan , funded by the Saudi Government and as per the Plan of US , to counter the threat for them the  sweeping response of the Revolution of Iran , by the Shia Religious Group , with which whole of the Muslim World Population was Jolted and was ready to welcome the same revolution in their countries also, with which US and the Zionist Interest were badly Shaken , and thus a Emergency Plan was made by the US Intelligence agencies , funded by the Wahabi Saudi Monarchy, which was even afraid of the revolution in their country . And above all the Pakistani Establishment Provided the Man Power and the expertise to train the terrorist with the help of some local Religious Political Parties , in the name of Jihad ( Battle for the sake of God ) .

As the Irani Revolution was led by the Shia religious scholars , so these terrorist were trained to create hatred , among Muslims and eliminate the Shia Community upto a level that they should be terrified so much so that they can never become a viable force that can be a threat for the US and Saudi working for the Interest of the Zionist  ,and at the same time Muslims of the World , can never Unite and become the Ruling Power of the World.

But on the contrary the Pakistani Shia community who were aware of the Zionist Plans have countered the threat , instead of getting afraid of Shia Killing have seasoned , and have become more brave and are ready every minute of their life for the Honour of Martyrdom , which is the gateway to the Paradise . And now Every Pakistani Shia Man proudly declares himself and Introduces himself as the Member of the Brave Shia Community , they have resisted every Plan to disintegrate Muslims and even  countered the Zionist led Saudi Plan to Declare Pakistan a Wahabi State , and it is Graffiti all around Pakistan from Parachinar to Karachi  that there is no Power which can even think of turning Pakistan into a Wahabi state like Saudi Arabia , or Persian Gulf States , rather now the Zionist are afraid of the Strength and Valour of the Pakistani Shia Men, as the True Islamic Revolution has already started in the countries like Saudi Arabia , Bahrain and other Persian Gulf States

As Pakistani Shia Community is the Second Biggest Shia Community around the world , and now the Shia Community even in the absence of a credible and Dedicated Leadership , Now it is Just a matter of time , till some Man of Valour and Repute comes to the fore front to lead the Nation , to fight all the evils and to crush all the Nefarious designs of the enemies of Pakistan , who are trying to disintegrate Pakistan and in which some Black sheeps in the establishments are also involved , who have even succeeded in their earlier plans also and have already bifurcated Pakistan , and created Bangladesh , as it would not have been done , Pakistan would have been the Biggest Muslim State of the World , which was a thorn in the eyes of the Ziionist and the West to see the Muslim state emerging as a Power.

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17 thoughts on “SSP Terrorist Martyred another Shia Man in the unstopable Target Killing ,

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  5. I am of the opinion that either India or Iran or both togather should take over the admintration of this utterly failed country and such infidal organisations like Jhagvi, sipah e sahabah, Talebaan and Al Qaedah be completely elliminated . The Wahabi Salafi Fitnah should end now .

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