Millions of Shia's comemorated the 9th Day of Muharram with Religious fervor around the World

JNN 06 Dec 2011 : Shia Muslims across the globe are holding mourning rituals in commemoration of martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hossein (PBUH), the grandson of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Throughout Pakistan , India , Iran,and other parts of the World  millions of Black-clad citizens have taken to the streets and local mosques and other religious and community centers to participate in variety of mourning processions on Monday to mark the Day of Tasu’a, the day before the third Shia Imam (apostle) and a number of his committed followers were brutally killed by forces of Yazid, the authoritarian Muslim, though anti-Islamic caliph (ruler) of the time.

On the ninth day of the lunar month of Muharram, known as Tasu’a, mourners organize into regulated groups and beat on their chests in harmony, responding in grief to spiritual chants and poems describing the shocking events that took place during the days leading to the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (PBUH), and 72 of his loyal companions.

Reciting of poems, chants of litanies, and addresses on the occasion once again break the hearts of those hearing them as the tragic massacre of Imam Hussein (PBUH), and his martyred followers is recalled.

Today, with a mixture of wonder, sorrow, and admiration, mourners, that in many places include Muslims from different sects, Sunnis , Barelvis, and even Christians, Zoroastrians and Jews, listen to the tales of resolute courage, generous self-sacrifice and the infinite patience of Imam Hossein (PBUH), his household and his companions as they faced severe hardship and brutality for sticking to their commitments to the genuine Islamic principals as prescribed in the holy Qur’an and specifically by the Prophet himself.

The ceremonies commemorating the martyrdom of Imam Hussain (PBUH) and his companions will reach the most important point on the Day of Ashura — the tenth day of Muharram on Tuesday.

Ashura, which falls on December 6 this year through out the world, marks the day in 680 CE, when thousands of forces loyal to the despotic second Umayyad caliph Yazid ibn Muawiyah martyred Imam Hussein (PBUH), and his follower at a place still remembered and referred to as Karbala, in today’s Iraq.

Pakistan :

Dozens of Mourning Processions were taken out in different cities of Pakistan , and Specially in the Big cities , And by the Grace of God all the Mourning Processions across Pakistan were taken out and ended safely , As reported and told by the Interior Minister of Pakistan that there is a threat of Terrorism during the Moharram and Specially in the Ashura Processions in Karachi .

The Biggest and the Central Procession was taken out in Karachi from Nishtar Park and that reached its destination Hussainian Iranian Hall at the Sunset . And no untoward Incident was reported during or after the Procession ,

While all the other Processions which were also taken out from other parts of the city ended safely

Karachi :

Only the Procession which was taken out from Mehmoodabad area ,which passes from Shahrah e faisal and goes to Lines Area Imambargah, Into A .B.Senia Lines , when it passed through the Auto Market of the area , and the tale had already crossed , A huge explosion was done by a Planted Bomb in one of the shops , which occurred at a time when the Procession had already passed from that point , and Nobody was Present at this Point , and No casualty was done due to the Bomb Explosion .

After the explosion the area was cordoned off by the Scouts and the LEA’s , and on the further search of the area another bomb was also found from the nearby , which was defused by the Bomb Disposal Squad .

There was some Miscreant from a office of a Sectarian Religious  Organisation , which chanted some sectarian Slogans against the Participants of the Procession and their Believes . Which was later controlled by the LEA’s .

All the Momineen and the Peaceful citizens of Pakistan Pray to God , Tommorow the Ashura Processions will be taken out and will end safely , with the safety of all the Momineen across the country and where ever the Momineen in the world , are Performing the Ritual of the Ashura , The Martyrdom of the Imam Hussain A.S.


4 thoughts on “Millions of Shia's comemorated the 9th Day of Muharram with Religious fervor around the World

  1. Pakistan. Karachi .Two bombs found on the eve of ashrah .one exploded in a shop , no one effected. Is it a islamic country where on the eve of the martydom of Rawsool Allah(saaws) , the mourners are targeted by the so called muslims or are the the worst of Kafir . In India where the majority is hindu , no such incident ever happens , not only this hindus participate in the commomeration of the martyrdom and a sikh ruler not only participated but provided whatever fascilities was asked and encouraged it, the tradition still goes in malerkotla . May Allah shower barakah on thev region.
    Saudia . Almost same as in Pakistan , in fact much of the hate compaign imported from there itself , including the cult of Terrorism , They do incite the sunni population of both their own country as well as pakistan however the mainstream Sunnis are not impressed
    and the bulk of them do not forget that Husain ( a s ) was the grandson of Prophet of Islam
    (saaws) but some do succumb to the temptation of money , heavily pumped from there and they in fact are the shyateen in the garb of Islam, may Allah destroy these munafeqeen .

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