Shia Legal Aid Comitte Member and Shia Scouts Chief Martyred , In Protest Governor House Sieged in Karachi

Before the Last Sun Set of 2011 , in the Broad Day light A Selfless Shia Activitist S.Askari Raza s/o Hassan Raza , 45 was Martyred by the Targeted Attack of Terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba , in the Limits of Gulshan e Iqbal P.S.

According to the details on 31st Dec ‘ 2011 aound 5.15p.m , S.Askari.Raza was crossing from Gulshan Chowrangi in his Car , with another Shia Activist Salman , when at the turning when his Car got slow , Two Terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , who were wearing Helmets and riding Motorcycle ,appeared from behind the car and one of them , took out his Weapon aimed and targeted , Askari Raza who was driving the car , and fired about 5 Rounds , focusing his face , from which about 4 bullets , hit him on his face & Head , and one of the Fired Bullet , Hit Salman, who was Sitting on the adjacent Seat with him , which hit him on his leg , As a result of this , Askari Raza was fatally  injured , while Salman had a single bullet wound in his right leg.

After the Attack , the Terrorist fled away on their bike unhindered ,while it is a busy Main road Intersection , but still , the terrorist faced no resistance from any corner , and went away safe & Sound after implementing their Evil Plan .

Both the Victims of the firing Salman and Askari Raza , were shifted to the nearby Aga Khan Hospital, where Askari was immediately operated , of the Gunshots on his face , after the Operation the Doctors were quite hopeful , but the results came out  negative as he was pronounced clinically dead , due to the Brain death . at the same time Salman was given First Aid and was treated for his Bullet wound .

Finally Salman was shifted to another Hospital, for further treatment , and the Body of Askari Raza was shifted to the Imam Bargah Shuhuda e Karbala , Sadaat Colony , F.B.Area No. 20, Karachi. For the Preperation of his funeral and Burial .

The Funeral was announced for Sunday 1st Jan 2012 after the Zuhrain Prayers at Shuhda e Karbala, But even after all the efforts of Heirs of Askari Raza and all the Prominent Shia Leaders , the FIR for the Murder & Injury of Salman could not be Lodged , as  his heirs with consultancy with the Shia Leaders , under the light of all the Previous events and threats he was facing had nominated CID Police SSP Chaudhary Aslam , and The President of  Karachi Division of the Banned Terrorist Organisation Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan, Auranzeb Farooqi .

So finally a dead line to the LEA’s was given till the 2.00p.m of Sunday , to lodge the FIR as required , which may put pressure on the authorities to Nab the Real Culprits and the Persons who pull the strings of the Sharp shooters and Murderers. Other wise a Sit in with the Coffin of Askari Raza , was Planned on the Main Shahrah e Pakistan , connecting the Super Highway , until the fulfillment of the  Just Demand of Lodging of the FIR takes Place , But all the efforts to convince the authorities failed , as they gave no response to the appeal and the dead line , so finally it was decided to put the pressure on the authorities , to stage a Sit in at the Governer House , till the fulfillment of the Rightful Demand of the Lodging of the FIR is achieved .

As the community Members were quite aware of his Selfless and devoted efforts of the deceased Askari Raza so thousands were Present at the sit In ,who came to attend his funeral , And as the funeral Procession  , started Marching towards the Governor House , which was about 20 Kilometers from the Imam Bargah e Shuhda e Karbala , thousands others joined the Protest Rally to pay their respect for the deceased and to take part in the Sit In at the Governor House , The Number soared to ten’s of thousands , the Rally reached the ImamBargah e Ali Raza , around Maghribain Time, where all the participants of the rally , offered the Maghribain Prayers . And after the Maghribain Prayers the Rally re started its March towards the Governor House , finally the rally reached its Target , the Sind Governor House , around 8.30P.M , the entrance Road of which was Blocked by water Tankers and a Heavy Contingent of Police .

As the Protest Rally reached the Entrance Road of the Governor House , Participants which were chanting slogans and reciting Noha’s Pushed their way in to the Road leading to the Governer House , without Much resistance from the Police . As there were thousands of Participants of the rally , which are were emotionally charged to Legitimately Pressurize for their Just Demand of the Lodging of the FIR , with the Nomination of the Main culprits behind the Targeted Assassination of the Deceased.

At the Gate of the Governor House The Rally of the thousands of the Shia Participants staged a Peaceful Sit In  ,which was addressed by different Shia Ulema and Zakireen , and about two hours later , the Governor House staff conveyed a message to the Shia Community Leader’s and Ulema to send a group of the People which can negotiate a deal and settlement , to settle down the issue , So , a committee of the Prominent Shia Personalities was constituted ,which included the names of Waheed ul Hassan ( Chacha ), Mirza Yousuf Hussain , Ali Mohd Naqvi , Molana Munawar Naqvi , etc.  to start the dialogue ,with the Governor of Sindh , Ishrat ul Ebad Khan, Deputy Speaker of Sindh Assembly Shehla Raza, and Adviser to the President and Incharge of the Karachi Division , S. Faisal Raza Abdi.

The Protest Rally & the Sit in at the Governor House had written a New History in the Books as it was completely a Peaceful , Well Organized , with more than 100% enthusiastic show of force , as it was attended from all age groups of the Community , and as the news was spreading in the city and even out of the city hundreds of People from all the sections of the society were pouring in , with their families and children , even in the early hours of the chilly Morning , with the Preparations to stay as long as the sit in may go. And at the same time Momineen have made arrangements to distribute Tea , Niyaz , and whatever they can , to facilitate the Participants , as the Community was charged to achieve the goal and to show their power , to the Establishment and to the People sitting in the Power corridors of the Government.

The Dialogue and the Negotiation took about 6 Hours to finalize the decision, finally Governor of Sind , Ishrat ul Ebad , Faisal Raza Abidi along with the Member of the Shia Constituent Committee came out and addressed the Rally , announcing that all the demands of the Shia Committee have been accepted and will be implemented in the same letter and Spirit , But as the Participants have no Trust on the Government Machinery ,so they declared that the Sit In will be called off only on the documentary evidence of the FIR. Which took another 3 Hours till finally Copy of the FIR reached , which was accepted by the Heirs of the deceased and the rest of the team.

And finally the Staged Sit In was called Off with the victorious Slogans of Labaik Ya Hussain , and Nara e Haidery, After which the Funeral Prayer of the Deceased was performed at the same venue, in front of the Governor House’s Gate at the Fajr time , which was lead by the Molana Munnawar Naqvi after which Participants offered the Fajr Prayers .

Finally the Funeral Procession moved ahead for the burial of the Deceased, which was performed at the Wadi e Hussain Graveyard , Super Highway , Karachi.

Askari Raza worked devotedly & Selflessly for the Shia Community, and has worked tirelessly , for the release of the Innocent Shia Men who have been implicated in the false cases to Prove that the Shia Target Killing can justified on terms of Sectarian Clashes , which is a eye wash and No Shia Member have ever been involved in the Killing of any Person on Sectarian Grounds , But as the Pakistani Establishment which is the creator and trainer of the Jihadi Organisations like Taliban , and its allied Groups and cells , and just to conceal its Policy of Hatred and Sectarian Target Killing .

Another Shia Chief of the Sajjadia Scouts Group Nayyar Abbas 25, was Martyred on 27th Dec 2011 by the firing of the Terrorist Organisation Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan, In the limits of Orangi Town ,P.S , Karachi.

The Target Killing of Shia Community member have increased , as the Pakistani Establishment and the US Government both are trying to gain the confidence of the Talibaan , to take share in the Future Government of Pakistan , so both are offering Incentive and leverages for them , while the Talibaan have the doctrime of Hatred and specially for the Shia Community , and due to the leverages by both the Pakistani and US Government the terrorist and the criminals of the Talibaan and its allied groups and cells like Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan , Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , Lashkar e Jhangvi , Jundullah , are enjoying the freedom and Openly killing the Shia community members and working on the nefarious designs of Implementing Khilafat e Rashida , which led the corrupt People like  Mawiaah and Yazid to the  Power corridors . To implement their nefarious designs of Molesting Islam , for their Personal gains.

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