3 Shia Men A Doctor , DSP & ASI embraced Martyrdom within 48Hrs , in the Ongoing target Killing across Pakistan

JNN 07 Jan 2012 Karachi :  A Senior Shia Dr.Syed Jamal’s Body was found near Jamrud area, who was abducted about a month back from Peshawar. In another incident DSP Ibrahim also embraced Martyrdom, when he was targeted and fired upon by the terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan in the Nagarel Kashrote , link road to  Gilgit , Baltistan. And in the third such incident ASI Ghulam Abbas was also targeted at Nawa Kali , Quetta by the terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan .

According to the details, Dr Syed Jamal was a senior Doctor , hailing from Parachinar , and was previously even associated as a Member of Khyber Teaching Hospital , who was abducted by the terrorist Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , on 2nd Nov 2011, from near his residence in Hayatabad, Peshawar.

The terrorist firstly tried to demand even ransom money for his release , but the negotiation was going on , but in the mean time it abruptly ended , and on 7th Jan ,2012 his tortured dead body was found from the Jamrud area, Peshawar.

He was an active member of the Shia community and was deeply involved in the uplift and services for the Shia community , He was continuously receiving threats from the Terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan . But he ignored all of them , and continued to work on his mission, to render all his services for the shia community .

DSP Ibrahim Astori was also a dedicated and brave Police officer and was performing his duties with sincerety to Nab the criminals and in this regard he was about to record his statement to the court , on the Assasination case of another Shia activist Shaheed Asad Zaidi , but due to which he got targeted , and was assinated by the terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan, at around 6.30p.m , near his residence , Nagarel Kashtore link road to Baltistan, due to which he was fatally injured , and was declared dead on arrival at the nearby Hospital.

His funeral Prayers was offered at Imamia Jama Masjid , Gilgit , while his burial was performed in his home town of Astore District .

In the third such Target Killing by the terrorist of the Taliban’s Sub Group Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , Shia ASI Ghulam Abbas s/o Ghulam Akber , 35 was also assassinated in the on 5th Jan 2012 , at Nawa Kali , near Labour Colony Gate , Quetta ,when the terrorist targeted and opened fire on him , leaving him fatally  injured due to the bullet wounds, He scumbed to his injuries before reaching to the Hospital .

His funeral Prayer was offered at Nechari Imam Bargah , while his burial was performed at a local Graveyard.

The target Killing of Shia Community members have increased in the recent past , as due to the covert deal of US and Pakistani Government with the Talibaan , who are the Parent Organisation of all the terrorist Organisations who are Blood thirsty of the Shia community , as they are the illegitimate children of US and Saudi Governments , and there Mythology is promoting hate among Muslims and DisIntegration of the Muslim Nations to benefit the Zionist Jewish lobby , whose Brain child are they .

The Taliban and Al Qaida who have always worked in the better interest of the Zionist US and Saudi Lobby with the support of Pakistani Establishment , are now re emerging as now the US and Saudi Interest is to give them again the reigns of Powers in Afghanistan , and now these terrorist will once again be working on the front , instead of covert actions for them , as now the scenario have changed , and which is the most lethal blow for Pakistan as they have worked from day one to this day for the disintegration of Pakistan. And the future of Pakistan , may God Bless , as the evil enemy of Pakistan is now with in . 


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