Moroccans Revolution dosen't satisfy citizens with reforms

JNN 14 Jan 2012  : People in Morocco have once again taken to streets in several cities to protest against government’s policies and call for more reforms.

Chanting slogans against the government on Friday evening, the demonstrators in several cities called for deeper political reforms.

The protesters urged the administration to create more jobs, put an end to government corruption and release dozens of rights activists.

They complained about high food prices and the government ownership of major institutions.

Protests in Morocco have been taking place since early last year despite a number of reforms announced by King Mohammed VI and approved in a referendum.

The protest rallies exerted growing pressure on the US-backed ruler to amend the constitution and give greater powers to the country’s parliament and the prime minister.

Moroccans say the reforms are not sufficient since the king still retains key powers and remains the head of the military.

Protesters say the November 25 polls failed to display true democratic reforms and that the US-backed ruling monarchy is not committed to real changes. 

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