Shia Funeral Procession attacked by the Saudi backed Bahraini Troops

JNN 28 Jan 2012 Manama : Saudi-backed Bahraini troops have fired tear gas on mourners attending the funeral procession of an anti-regime protester in Sitra, south of the capital, Manama.

Witnesses say hundreds of Bahrainis took to the streets of Sitra on Friday to mourn the death of 19-year-old Muhammad Yaqoob who was killed by regime forces on Wednesday. 

According to the opposition group al-Wefaq, Yaqoob was chased and run down by a police car. 

But despite the presence of photographic evidence of cuts and bruises on his body, Bahraini Ministry of Interior claims Yaqoob suffered from sickle cell anemia and died of what it claimed to be “natural causes.” 

Saudi-backed Bahraini troops killed at least four anti-government protesters on Wednesday and a day before. Funerals held for those killed by the regime forces usually turn into mass protests against the country’s rulers. 

Bahrain has been hit by a wave of anti-regime protests since mid-February, which was immediately met with a brutal crackdown by the ruling Al Khalifa family. 

Scores of demonstrators have been killed and hundreds wounded in the popular uprising in the Persian Gulf nation. 

3 thoughts on “Shia Funeral Procession attacked by the Saudi backed Bahraini Troops

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