Once again Taseer Martyred By the Target Killing of the Jihadi Terrorist Organisation

JNN 30 Jan 2012 Karachi : Another Shia Young Man embraced Martyrdom in the ongoing Targeted Killing of Shia Community Memebers , Tasseer Abbas Zaidi s/o Shakir Zaidi , 25 was killed in the early hours of Monday, when he stepped out to go to his Office, by the already waiting assailants , who fired upon him , and ran away. Continue reading

Defence of Pakistan Council or the Group of Shia Target Killers

JNN 31 Jan 2012 : The Program done under the name of Defence of Pakistan in Multan , which was organized and was hosted by the Banned Organisation Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , ( Also know as Ahle Sunnat Wal Jammat )  , gives a clear indication , that these Terrorist Banned Organisations , are working not only under the Patronage of Punjab Government of Muslim League ( Nawaz) , but they once again they have the Blessing of Military Estabilishment of Pakistan, as they have even created them in the past. Continue reading