SSP Target Killers of Shia Lawyers arrested by SP CID Ch. Aslam

JNN 04 Jan 2012 KARACHI: The Police authorities claim to have arrested three suspects involved in the recent murders of three Shia lawyers in Karachi , and several other sectarian killings.The suspects were identified as Muhammad Taufeeq Ansari, Salahuddin Israel and Maulana Muhammad Rashid. They were arrested in an encounter with the Crime Investigation Department (CID) on Wednesday night. According to CID SSP Chaudhry Aslam Khan, the suspects were affiliated with the banned Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan.

Speaking at a press conference in the police headquarters here, presented three masked men and weapons, during a press briefing on Thursday. CID SP Chaudhary Aslam Khan said Tauseef Ansari, Salahuddin Israel and Maulana Muhammad Rashid had been arrested from a truck stand on the Hawkesbay Road. They belonged to the proscribed Sipah-i-Sahaba Pakistan, he added.

He said that the men had arrived in Mauripur, along the Hawksbay Road, for a meeting on their motorcycles. “We have been on the hunt for these suspects for quite a while,” he said. “Ansari was arrested even before for killing Shias.” He added that when the suspects attacked the lawyers at Pakistan Chowk, on Jan 25 on Maulana Din Mohammad Wafai Road. Four men were reportedly involved in the attack. their main targets were Gohar Shakil Jafri and Kafil Ahmed Jafri , who were the son of Badar Munir Jafri, and his nephew respectively who was also killed,while his associate Babar Ali Jafri was injured. Police said three AK-47 rifles, five hand grenades, two 9mm and two TT pistols and several rounds had been seized.

The Sindh government had announced a Rs10 million reward for information leading to arrest of the Targtet Killers of the 3 Shia Lawyers,

The police said that during the interrogation, the men had confessed to being involved in 12 murders, including the three Shia lawyers on January 26 , City Court typist Mukhtar Abbas, Maulana Abdul Kareem Naqashbandi in 2005 and the attack on an Ahmediyya Dr Badar, and Saleh Zikri. in 2004 Nauhakhwan Kashif Ali, Amir Ali (owner of a battery shop in Garden), Nikah registrar Kausar Zaidi and Ansar Ali, Qari Habib They said that they had been acting on the orders of their commander Mehmood Babar, alias Dorki Shah.

. They added that the suspects were making plans to kill a Shia scholar, two doctors The SP said Allama Jafar Subhani, Advocate Tasawwur Husain and some other people were on the hit list of the suspects.

At least seven lawyers were killed in January and in most cases they were targeted near the courts or their offices and shot with 9mm pistols.

The police seized three AK-47 rifles, three 9mm pistols, five hand grenades, two TT pistols, 150 bullets and two motorcycles from them. According to Aslam, these men often made it out of the cases as the witnesses refused to testify in court. He said that they will take the militants to the anti-terrorism court.

The accused had previously been arrested within the jurisdiction of PS Kalri, Baghdadi and Napier (CID) in connection with seven different cases. On Thursday, 10 different FIR’s were lodged against arrested criminals at CID, officials said.

It should be noted that we have even reported in our News article of the target Killing of these Shia Lawyers as they have been Targetted by the Target Killers of Sipah e Sahaba , which is now even confirmed , by the arrest , and confession of the criminal involved in these and other shia Killings .

It is not the first or may not be the last such arrest of the Terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan, who even confess the Killing of the Shia community members, But this is most Unfortunate that their cases are weekly prosecuted , or their challans are made by the police in such a way , that they are escorted free from the Courts , and afterwards they get the license of being Innocent , even after commiting the most heinous crimes , and once again roam free ,and start their criminal activities , with more power and experience in the World of Crime.

As now even being reported in the International Media and Press , that the terrorist Organisations like Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , ( which is now working under the Name of Ahle e Sunnat e Wal Jammat ), Jaish e Moharamd ( Lashkar e Taiba ) , and other Organisations , have changed their names , and are working with their full force ,and conducting meetings, conferences, Rallies, and even maintaining their Bank Accounts and even receiving Donations from International ( Saudi Arabia & UAE ) as well as Domestic Donors, while under the Constitution of Pakistan , Any Proclaimed Offender and the member of any Banned Organisation  , can not involve in any Public or Social activities , and even their Leaders can not move with out Informing the Local Police, but all these rules are being violated by the members of these Terrorist Banned Organisations , and even then the Establishment and the LEA’s are quietly watching it , instead of taking action against them , which shows that either the Establishment have come in  some type of agreement with them or these killings are the result of their mutual cooperation so they are also involved in their crimes.

It should also be noted that CID SP Aslam is the same Person , who was also nominated in the Target Killing FIR of Askari Raza, after a successful Sit Infront of the Governor House for about 10 Hours, Who was even suspended from his Duties, but was reinstated again , by the authorities, is one who is behind these arrest , as has said in his press conference , As some circles in the Shia Community are also of the view that these arrest are being made to Hood wink the System, and specially the Shia Community ,as these criminal are being arrested , and the charges and challan are being made in  such a manner ,that they can not be prosecuted in the court of Law , and thus could not be convicted in these crimes , and thus both the things will be in their favour , as first of all the nomination of the SP Ch. Aslam , will become null and void , in the specified case , as the other criminals will confess , but due to weak prosecution, and loop holes in the Presented Challan, even the presented criminals will not be convicted, and thus both the Criminals and the Nominated SP Ch. Aslam , get a clean chit from the court of Law of their Innocence .

Lawyers react

While commenting on the arrest of the suspects, the president of the Supreme Court Bar Association of Pakistan, Muhammad Yasin Khan Azad, told our Correspondent that it was commendable progress. He said that this was the first case in which the bar association took an initiative and called for a countrywide strike. He added that the suo motu action taken by the chief justice of the Sindh High Court and the prime minister’s announcement of a reward for information on the arrest had proved to be helpful.

The honorary secretary of the Karachi Bar Association (KBA), Khalid Mumtaz, said that the Sindh IG had promised to arrest the suspects in a week and he had kept the promise. He added that the arrests must have been made on the basis of some solid information and leads. The former vice chairperson of the Sindh Bar Council, Iftikhar Javed Kazi, said that it was good news if the real suspects were arrested.


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