Conspiracy Unearthed to fuel Sectarianism , and to Indict Innocent Shia Muslims in terrorist cases

JNN 25 Feb 2012 ISLAMABAD : MNA Kurram Agency Sajid Hussain Turi on Saturday rebutted the impression that Mehdi Militia or Haideri Taliban had claimed responsibility for the attack on a bus stop in Peshawar and asserted that extremists were trying to fuel sectarian violence in the country by launching a blame game.

In a statement issued here he said the Shia community in the country was strongly condemning terrorist attacks and suicide blasts and its clerics had issued unanimous religious decrees against the ignoble practice.

Dispelling the false impression that some Shia organisations took revenge of Parachinar blast by attacking Kohat bus terminal in Peshawar, the lawmaker said there was no organised Terrorist wing of the community and maintained that extremists were misguiding people.

He asked the government to initiate inquiry into the attack that had killed 17 people including two children on Thursday, so that actual perpetrators could be exposed.

He also demanded an inquiry into Parachinar blast that had killed 43 people.

In a statement issued here Mr Turi said people of Kurram Agency had always cooperated with security agencies in war against militancy while people in other tribal areas had fought against the military.

“I want to inform the government and the people at large that extremists are trying to spread confusion after getting defeated.

There is no terrorrist wing in Shia community and extremists are about to be eliminated,” he maintained.

The Taliban and their supporters have sensed their failure , and was about to surrender against the utmost patience of the Shia Community , even after the brutal and gruesome target Killing and Terrorist attacks on the Shia Community , So they have launched another Psychological warfare of issuing false claims of terrorism by the members of Shia community , to create Sectarian disharmony between the Sunni and Shia Sects of Islam, and to promote terrorism , under the banner of sectarianism .And to justify their Terrorist activities , which they are doing to disintegrate the Fort of Islam , Pakistan and to Defame Islam all around the World, And especially to demoralize the Peace loving Muslims of the World , against the terrorist activities and to keep them away from freely Propagating Islam to their fellows and friends , and teaching Islam to their young one’s , as they may give it a thought of covering their Muslim Identity.

As per the Records Islam is the fastest growing Religion of the World .These terrorist activities by the Terrorist Taliban and their allied Groups , only help the zionist lobby and all the enemies of Islam ,  to keep a check on its growth , for which they are funding these Taliban and their allied groups , extensively .

5 thoughts on “Conspiracy Unearthed to fuel Sectarianism , and to Indict Innocent Shia Muslims in terrorist cases

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