18 Shia Pilgrims Martyred 8 injured in an ambush on a Gilgit Bound Bus by Jundullah

JNN 28 Feb 2012 PESHAWAR / DI KHAN: The Terrorist of Outlawed Banned Outfit Jundullah ambushed a bus on Tuesday, killing 18 Shia Muslims in a usually peaceful region of northern Pakistan that neighbours the former Taliban stronghold of Swat, officials said.

Outlawed terrorist group Jundallah has claimed responsibility for an attack a bus on Karakoram Highway in the Kohistan district of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, which killed 18 people on Tuesday.

Jundallah’s commander Ahmed Marwat, who contacted media persons soon after the attack, claimed responsibility for the assault.

The attack took place when gunmen opened fire on the bus which was en route to Gilgit from Rawalpindi with 39 passengers on board. The bus was owned by Mashaburum private bus service.

Seven armed men stopped two buses and a coaster. The armed men were reported to be in Army uniform. They asked the passengers to get off the bus and shot them after checking their CNICs.

Most of the victims were pilgrims who were going back to their native areas after visiting holy shrines in Iran.

A source in the district administration in Dassu told Our Correspondent  that residents of Tangir’s Darkai valley, Commander Abdul Qayyum, Saddar Shariat and Burhan Shariat, sons of Gul Shahzada: Abdul Karim and Abdul Qadeem, sons of Abdul Ghafoor are suspected to be involved in the massacre.

Driver Muhammad Younus of Nagar valley, Najibullah, Suhail Ahmed are among the deceased.

“All the people on board were Shia, and at the moment it looks like they were targeted by armed men from the local Sunni community,” a senior police official had earlier told Reuters.

“Armed men hiding on both sides of the road attacked the bus,” local police chief Mohammad Ilyas said.

“Initial reports said 18 people have died and eight wounded,” he added.

Kohistan borders the Swat valley, where Pakistan in 2009 managed to put down a two-year Taliban insurgency.

Police officials said the bus came under attack in an area inhabited by two tribes most of it is residents are Wahabi and Taliban supporters , about 430 km (267 miles) north of Islamabad.

The ambush happened near the town of Harban Nullah. DCO Chilas confirmed the incident.

The bodies of the deceased have been kept at Shatial hospital.

Emergency is being declared in the Gilgit – Baltistan area, and all the Government offices , School and Colleges were being closed for 3 days to restore Law are order situation in the area. Curfew is also imposed in the Gilgit area.

Rehman Malik constitutes three-member investigation team

Interior Minister Rehman Malik constituted a three-member investigation team which will be supervised by the Deputy Inspector General of Hazara Division.

The team will comprise members from Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), Intelligence Bureau (IB) and police officials.

The team will produce an investigation report within three days.

President Zardari takes notice of the attack

President Asif Ali Zardari, while taking notice of the attack said that the injured admitted in the hospital should be facilitated with the best treatment.

President Zardari also sought an investigative report of the attack.

Schools in Gilgit to remain closed for three days: CM G-B

While speaking to Express News, Chief Minister Gilgit-Baltistan Syed Mehdi Shah said that he was in contact with the chief minister of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and that investigations were underway.

“We [G-B government] have alerted the army, Frontier Corps and police so that no other incident could take place,” said Shah.

He said that section 144 has been imposed in Gilgit, while schools will remain closed for three days.

All the Shia community ,Shia Organisations and Leaders and Philanthorpist , has deeply condemned the Incident , In a press Release Allama Abbas Kumaili (JAP) , have said that these barbaric Incidents by the Anti State and Anti Islam , Saudi and US funded elements are involved in such gruesome and Brutal Incidents who are not only working against Islam ,but are against the Integration of Pakistan. The establishment should take an urgent notice of such actions to avoid further damages to the State .

MWM also protested in Karachi against the barbaric Incident and demanded the arrest of the Killers at the earliest .

The List of the Martyred in the above mentioned incident is as Below :

  1. Raza Ali
  2. Hussain Ali
  3. Karim Abbas
  4. Anees Hussain
  5. Hashmat Changezi
  6. Mohsin Abbas
  7. Muhammad Abbas
  8. Mubashir
  9. Idrees Ali
  10. Owais Hassan
  11. Kaleem Abbas
  12. Faraz Hussain
  13. Farhan Ali
  14. Tehseen Abbas
  15. Saqlain
  16. Asad Zaman
  17. Ambreen
  18. Fatima

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