Another Shia Scholar and Principal of the School embraced Martyrdom , injured in firing of the SSP terrorists

JNN 29 Feb 2012 MUZAFFARGARH  : Another Shia Scholar and the Principal of Jamia Al Huda  Allama Hafiz Saqlain Naqvi,s/o Allama Syed Yar Shah , scummbed to his injuriesin  Bahawalpur Hospital , inflicted by the firing of Sipah e Sahaba Terrorist Wing Lashkar e Jhnagvi’s Terrorists.

Members of the Shia community protested in various parts of Muzaffargarh on Tuesday against the killing of Shia scholar Allama Hafiz Saqlain Naqvi, who had been attacked by Terorrist of SSP on February 19.

The scholar, who had been brought in a critical condition, remained in a coma till he passed away on February 27.

Relatives of the deceased scholar claimed that police officials were acting irresponsibly in this case.

Allama Saqlain Naqvi had earlier condemned the arrests of Shia scholars in Muzaffargarh, calling it a discriminatory act, blaming law and order officials of supporting and protecting banned terrorist religious organisations. Following his outburst, he had been shot at by unknown assailants as he commuted between his house and seminary on February 19.

Protesters blocked the road in front of the Alipur city police station, burnt tires and demanded an immediate arrest of those involved in the killing. They also accused police authorities of not providing sufficient security to Shia gatherings and their religious scholars.

Some protesters also blocked the National Highway connecting Multan to Karachi.

The protest were however called off after SP Investigation Muzaffargarh Naeem Babar assured them of immediate arrests of those involved.

While speaking to The Correspondent President Millat-e-Jaffariya Pakistan Allama Sajid Naqvi said that sectarianism was propagated in the region according to a pre-planned scheme.

Complaining on police performance, he said that no police official had been suspended, nor any suspect arrested in relation to the act.

Around 10 cases of attacks on members of the Shia community have been reported over the past year in district Muzaffargarh. Many members of the Shia community are still in detention for retaliating against Malik Ishaq’s arrival in Alipur

While MWM has announced a 10 day mourning on the Target Killing of the Allama Saqlain , and the Target Killing of Shia Pilgrim on a Gilgit Bound Bus . And have also announced Protest on Friday through out the country. And have also appealed to all the Momineen to Participate in the Protests in their areas , after the Friday Prayers.

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