Young Shia Man Martyred by the Target Killing of Taliban Terrorist under the cover of ANP

JNN 08 Mar 2012 Karachi : A Young Shia Man Sajjad Hussain s/o Dildar Ali, 24 , was targeted and Martyred in the limit of Gulistan e Jauhar, on Sunday .

According to the details Sajjad Hussain was the resident of Hussaini Hazara Goth, which is under threat from the terror wing of ANP rerrorists , and who are also giving cover to the Outlaws of the Banned Organisation like Sipah e Sahaba , Tehrik e Taliban, to show their Might and Majority in the area , in and around the Hussain Hazara Goth , which is a Shia Majority area, the basic residents of Hussain Hazara Goth are Hazara and Balti origin Population, while both the cast are mainly shia , and are under the Banner of Imam Hussain, and are not members of any Political Party, especially  ANP, and to enforce their Might and to show their strength ANP terrorist , who have even tried to open their Unit office in the vicinity  , which was mostly used to shelter their illegal activities , and as to show their might in Karachi , which is a pre dominantly Mohajir locality , ANP have given shelter to the Taliban elements , who have come to take refuge , from the upcountry , as the Army Operation is still going on  in some area of the Up country. As the Basic Component of the Talibaan are Pashtoon , while ANP is also now a Pure Pashtoon ethnic Party , And to claim their Might and enforce their rules , they have also not only given shelter to the Taliban elements in their Party , but also Back them , as a result of which , about 3 – 4 shia Men have been Martyred by these Taliabans under the cover of ANP,  and the ANP leadership in this Ordeal have gone upto this limit that , which was only a ethnic Political Party, now is converting into sectarian Wahabi Party, due to the Influence of these Taliban elements , in the ranks of the Party.

Sajjad Hussain was also Martyred in the Broad Day Light , as he was fired Multiple Bullets , due to which he was fatally injured , and as he could not scumb to his injuries , inflicted by the firing of  the terrorist of ANP , who wants to enforce their writ , in a non Pashtoon , Shia Majority area. And to terrorize the Innocent , Peace Loving Shia Population of the area The Target Killing of Young Shia Men is going On, while the Law enforcement agencies are silent spectators in this Ordeal of Law lessness

If the notice to this lawlessness is not taken by the law enforcement  Agencies, then the situation will get worse , when these Young Men have to take their course of Action to Protect themselves and to teach a Lesson to the Perpetrators, who are playing with the Law and Order and Killing Innocent Shia Men .

The funeral Prayer of Sajjad Hussain was Performed at the Masjid O ImamBargah Abul Fazalil Abbas Hussain Hazara Goth. And his Burial was done at a local GraveYard.

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