Shia Man Shot By Rangers in Gilgit , Baltistan embraced Martyrdom

JNN 09 Mar 2012 Islamabad :  A Young Shia Boy Namely  Naved Raza ,26 who was fatally Injured by the firing of Rangers , who wanted to disperse the Unarmed Protesters , Protesting over the Target Killing of 18 Shia Men Martyred By the Target Killing of Terrorist of Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan, breath his last on 7th Mar 2012 at PIMS Hospital , Islamabad.

According to the details , As Gilgit , Baltistan which is a pre dominantly Shia Majority area , and all the 18 Martyred in the Kohistan Bus Attack , Target Killing of Shia Men , Belonged to Gilgit, Baltistan, and due to which all the Citizens of Pakistan , and especially the Shia Citizens of Pakistan  were in deep grief and were in a state of anger over the Target Killing of Shia Men, who were returning from the Pilgrimage from Iran.

So their was a protest over this Target Killing all over Pakistan, But especially there was huge Protest in the Gilgit Baltistan Area, But as  the Establishment is afraid of the Revolution , which is now quite eminent , and they feel also that as the Shia community have the Potential to Revolutionize , So they are being crushed at all level , and it is because of this that the Rangers Personnel Present at the Protest Rally , which was becoming quite big , were ordered to fire Direct at the crowd , due to which Number of Shia Men were injured, and Naved was also one of them, who was fatally injured by the firing , He was shifted to the PIMS Hospital , Islamabad , but due the nature of the wounds inflicted by the firing of the Ranger Personnel , he could not survive and embraced Martyrdom .

It should be noted that the History Never forgets such events of State sponsored Terrorism, As Every Pakistani and the Whole World have till this date not forgotten the Indiscriminate firing on the Crowd at “ Jalian Wala Bagh “ By British controlled Indian forces . So The People at the Helm of affairs should take notice of such events and Terrorism , as they are trying to Push the Peace Loving Patriot Shia Pakistani’s against the Wall .

First they are being Targeted and Killed by the terrorist , which were even , sponsored and trained by the establishment of Pakistan in the recent Past , who now every body knows that working as Mercenaries , and now being Bought by the Americans and the enemies of Pakistan , and are working against the Pakistan and the Establishment which under the constitution of Pakistan Bound to give protection to all the citizens of Pakistan , regardless of their Cast , creed or Religion. In which they have so much so failed ,that they cant even Protect their own LEA’s Men , who are even being mercilessly being killed even by these Jihadi Terrorist groups . Secondly instead of Protecting and guarding the Shia Citiizens , who have shown their utmost Patience , even after being Targeted and Killed for years , and they are still Patriotic upto the core , but they are being Killed even by the Members of the LEA’s .

As this is not the first even where Shia Man is Being Killed by the firing of LEA’s Personnel , But here its is amazing that even the Judiciary , which is Champion in taking Suo Moto Actions , have Been Blind in these Killing of the Shia Men, Where they show all the Lacunas in the constitution ,and  have all the excuses to Pardon theTarget Killers of Shia Men, But find Shai Man “ Muharram Al “ i guilty of Sectarian Killing , who was the only person being Hanged by the orders of the Judiciary  in the recent History , while Non of the Men of these Proclaimed Jihadi Outfits , who have been even caught and presented in the court , who have even Publicly admitted , of Shia Target Killing are still being , freed from the cases , as the release of Malik Ishaaq is the latest example of this attitude of Judiciary .


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