Holy Quran is a Miracle Beyond Human Words – Brazilian Footballer ” KaKa

JNN 09 Mar 2012 Madrid  : Brazil’s famous footballer “Kaka” said that Holy Quran is beyond human words, it is considered as one of miracles

A player of Spain’s football Club Riyal Madrid “Ricardo Kaka” said that when one study Holy Quran, he got to know that the words of Holy Quran are beyond human words, rather they are a miracle.

An editor of a religious institute in Brazil said that Kaka is a religious Christian but he also respects other religions.

In Brazil, prayer leader of a Mosque while denying the news saying Kaka is a Muslim said that Kaka is still a Christian and he goes to Church but he likes to listen to the recitation of Holy Quran.

Another leader of an Islamic institute in Brazil said that after hearing the recitation of Holy Quran, Kaka has changed a lot and he is convinced of the dignity of Islam and Muslims.

It is to be noted that Brazil’s famous foot ball player Kaka said during his visit to a specific tourists Mosque in Dubai that Islam is a religion of forgiveness, I am impressed by the attitude and characteristics of Muslims and I want to study more about Islam.

While the Sources , are claiming that Kaka and His Brother both are Potential to be converts to Islam. And if they are guided in a Proper way, and are told the true Picture of Islam, and not  the Americanized Taliban’s Islam , they ll embrace Islam ,

The fact is that as the Zionist Think tanks have sensed it , much earlier , and they were even afraid of the Irani Revolution , which shows the true Picture of Islam , with Peace , Prosperity, and Respect for all the people of other religions, then the conversion rate of People around the world , will be uncontrollable , so as a pre emptive strike , they have created Taliban and have it sponsored by the Wahabi Saudi’s , as they were never Inclined to the true spirit of Islam , and were always tilted towards the Zionist regime , as they find their own roots with them.

So the Taliban and Al Qaeda were formed to counter the real Islam , and to defame Islam , Under the cover of Muslims , So the rate of acceleration , which is going to be attained by the conversion to Islam , by all the People who are in search of Real truth of Peace and Harmony, could not be delivered to , and it can be checked at an early level , to maintain their hegemony , And to fulfillment of their dream to rule the world as the Only Super Power of the World.

While as they are not even faithful to their own religions whether it may be true Christianity or Judaism , as even both of these Religions Believe in the Only Supermacy of All Mighty Allah , with No Sharing in his Powers.

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