Shiite Mosque Burnt , Imam embraced Martyrdom in Belgium

JNN 13 Mar 2012 Brussels : A man set fire to a mosque in Brussels on Monday, killing its 47-year-old  Imam and injuring another in an arson attack that destroyed the Ground Floor , while the Second Floor of the Mosque was Partially burnt.

“A suspect was taken into custody at the scene,” police spokeswoman Marie Verbeke said, adding that the victim apparently died of smoke inhalation.

“The mosque was apparently almost entirely burned down,” she said.

Belgian public broadcasters RTBF and a stream of Twitter users said the victim was the imam, a 47-year-old man, and that a group of at least 50 people had gathered outside the Shiite mosque.

Police confirmed this information and said they received a call at 6:45 pm (1745 GMT) and the body was pulled out 45 minutes later.

A witness saw the suspect, a man, set fire to the building, Verbeke said, but no other details were immediately available about him either.

Anderlecht Mayor Vincent Van Goidsenhoven said the suspect threw a Molotov cocktail at the mosque, Belga news agency reported.

The area around the mosque, near Belgium’s main international railway hub, has a large immigrant Muslim population.

According to the details it was a Mosque maintained by Lebnese Shiite Population of the Area , around which a large No.of Immigrants live .


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