Shia Father and Son , and a Local Leader of Hangu embraced Martyrdom , by the Target Killing of SSP terrorist

JNN 21 Mar 2012 Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa : Two Shia Men who were related as Father , Yaqoob Shah and son , Naveed Shah s/o Yaqooq shah , were once again Targeted , and Martyred in Keli Shaboun , Quetta , by the terrorist wing of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , Lashkar e Jhangvi. In Another Incident of Target Killing Raziq Ali of Hangu , was also Martyred by the firing of Terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan .

According to the details , Yaqoob and Naveed were returning home , after closing their shop, as they took the route for home , they were intercepted by the Terrorist of Lashkar e Jhangvi, who had targeted them already , and fired multiple Bullets on both of them , due to which both of them were fatally injured, and could not make out to the Hospital , as both breath their last , on the way to the Hospital, and on arrival at the Hospital , they were declared Dead on Arrival .

After Medico Legal formalities ,their bodies were shifted to the Imam bargah , from their Funeral procession was taken to the Bahishte Zehra Graveyard , where their Funeral Prayers was offered and after the Prayers , their Burial was also performed at the same graveyard.

They were the sole Bread earners of their family, and has left their heirs at the Mercy of God. Who will definitely look after , as God has promised to provide food for the Shaheed , and He also take cares of his Heirs , who are left helpless after the Double Martyrdom of the Husband and Son.

On 18th March , 2012 Another Shia Member of the Peace Committee Hangu ,Raziq Ali , was also Martyred by the Terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan .

He was an active Peace Committee  member , and was working for the Inter Sectarian Harmony and Peace in the area, and was a Social Worker .

As he was working peacefully for the sectarian Harmony, so he was working against the agenda of the enemies of Islam and Pakistan, As they didn’t want Inter Sectarian Harmony, and Peace and stability in the country ,so he was under threat from the terrorist , so he was also provided with a Police Guard , but the Biased DPO of the Hangu District , have with drawn the Police guard from him , knowingly that he is an active Peace Activist , and he is under Threat from the Terrorist Organizations , with drawing his Police guard is a Big Question Mark on the face of LEA’s , who instead of protecting Peaceful Citizens, are exposing the Innocent Shia Citizens to the Known Terrorists.

Shaheed Raziq Ali was fired upon by the Terrorists Multiple rounds he received 3 Bullet injuries , which were fatal , and due to which he embraced Martyrdom.

As per our sources the Biased Attitude of DPO and DCO Hangu , has been highlighted in the Past also , but to no avail, even the FIR for the Murder of Raziq Ali , against the Nominated Known Criminal  was not lodged by the Police of the area , on which the Participants of the Funeral Procession Protested and even did a Sit in .

He body was then taken to his Native Home in Deer, where his Burial was done  at his Native family  Grave Yard.

Our Sources have reported that the DPO and DCO of Hangu , is also in contact with the Members of the Terrorist Organization , and also Backing them up under cover ,and passing sensitive information to them.

The Target Killing of the Shia Community in Pakistan has brought the community , to  a Point where the members have started to think , that they can no more think that the LEA’s or Establishment is Interested in their Safety and Well Being , so now the Community have to show their Unity , against the tyrant Yazidi Forces , and to stand and confront the Injustice , and that the Revolution is not far  away , and the Storm is in the offing , which will when start , will clean up whole of the Mess, and the People will take a lesson from it . How the Oppressed People will , eliminate the Rule of InJustice from Pakistan.

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