Former Shia President of Malir District Bar Association and His Son , and a Shia Security Official and his Son Targetted & Martyred By SSP

JNN 24 Mar 2012 KARACHI: A senior Shia lawyer and his son were gunned down here on Saturday, bringing all judicial work in the city to a grinding halt. Advocate Salahuddin, ex-president of the Malir Bar Association (MBA), and his son Ali Raza were killed by the Terrorist wing of SSP  as they were on their way to the Malir district bar. Continue reading

US & West Undue Pressure on Iran’s Peaceful Atomic Energy Plan has Bounced Back as Energy Crisis for the World

JNN 24 Mar 2012  Washington : US President Barack Obama admits uncertainty in the Middle East in addition to the ongoing tension with Iran has increased oil prices by USD 20-30 per barrel in international markets. Continue reading