Chechnya's First Lady Unveils Islamic Fashion Collection In Dubai

JNN 27 Mar 2012 Dubai : Chechnya’s first lady, Medni Kadyrova, has displayed her Islamic fashion collection to a captivated audience in Dubai, faithful to the politics of her husband who has sought to impose Islamic dress codes in the Caucasus republic.

More than 20 veiled Chechen models paced the catwalk in a Dubai palace on Saturday evening, clad in silk and carefully embroidered muslim dresses that covered them from head to toe but also managed to outline their figures , which is against the Muslim Rules , as Per the Muslim dress code the Lady has to be dressed in a way that her figure could not be outlined.

The show culminated in a display of wedding dresses.

Organised by the Firdous (paradise in Arabic) fashion house, launched by Kadyrova three years ago, it was the first such show for the label outside Chechnya.

“With their beautiful eyes and their slender figures, they actually look like Hoors,” said Omar, a Palestinian working at the show, referring to the virgin angels who, according to the Holy Quran, await to serve faithful Muslims in the afterlife.

“But our young women  (Chechen Women) who wear revealing tops and short skirts, will they agree to dress like this?” he asked.

Firdaws was founded by Kadyrova in 2009 “to lead Chechen women towards a new way of life, full of harmony and serenity, based on the national Islamic traditions,” according to a statement by the show’s organisers.

The company, founded by Medni Kadyrova, currently only has boutiques in Grozny but has plans to open one in the United Arab Emirates.

“I am sure that this show in Dubai is the first step to the conquering of the fashion world in the Middle East,” Kadyrova said.

The show, named “Lady Chechnya,” featured 70 variations of traditional Muslim female dress, decorated with diamonds and other precious stones. It will also be presented later in Saudi Arabia.

“The natural beauty and grace of Eastern women inspired us to create these works of art,” she explained.

Celebrated Lebanese designer Zuhair Mirad, who fashioned Jennifer Lopez’s controversial semitransparent dress at the Oscars this year, was Kadyrova’s guest of honor at the show.

“It’s a great honor and pleasure to be here and participate in the event,” he told Abu Dhabi-based paper The National.

“The Chechens are very artistic when it comes to embroidery and their combination of colors,” he added. “They have a lot of taste.”

Firdaws, which means heavenly gardens in Arabic, was founded in 2009 with the support of Kadyrov himself and won the grand prize at the Moscow fashion competition International Couturier of the Year in 2011.

“Dubai was chosen for the event because of the good relations between the two countries and between the Kadyrovs and the ruling family” in the emirate, said Zeina Habib, with the public relations agency who helped organise the show.

As United Arad Emirates is considered to be the Junction of Arab World and the West , the Dubai Government has worked for years to give their Western Partner to feel at home , even being a Islamic Arab country.

Dubai is considered “a fashion hub as well as being an Islamic country,” Medni added.

“My designs are inspired by natural beauty and the grace of Arab women, to whom I dedicate my collection,” Kadyrova said, adding that she hoped the show in Dubai would be “the first step towards the organisation of many others in the region.”

Kadyrova is married to the Kremlin-backed strongman Ramzan Kadyrov, a 35-year-old former Chechen rebel who took power in 2004 and has described Islamic law as superior “to the laws of the Russian federation.”

A father of seven, Kadyrov has sought to impose Islamic values by encouraging women to wear headscarves and men with an opion to keep multiple wives, even though traditions like polygamy are in conflict with Russian law.

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      “ but also managed to outline their figures , which is against the Muslim Rules , as Per the Muslim dress code the Lady has to be dressed in a way that her figure could not be outlined ”
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