8 Shia Hazara Martyred 5 Targeted by TTP Men , while 3 by Police firing on Protesters in Quetta

JNN 29 Mar 2012 QUETTA: At least 5 ShiaHazara Community members were  Targeted and Martyred by Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan Terrorist and six others sustained injuries, when a van carrying people belonging to the Shia Hazara community was ambushed on Spini road in Quetta Thursday morning. while after the Incident as the Shia Hazara Community Member enraged over the incident were Protesting , The Brutal Crack Down of Police on the Protesters claimed 3 more lives of Shia Hazara Men. 

As per previous history , Law enforcement agencies and the police put security on high alert in the city AFTER  the incident.

According to a senior police official who was not allowed to comment , the van was on its way to Marriabad from Hazara Town when when it was ambushed by the Terrorist of TTP , who opened indiscriminate fire near Killi Mubarak, On Spini Road , About 30 yds from a Permanent Police Post (As seen in the Pic ). It was a similar attack at the same spot , when 11 Shia Hazara were Martyred in a similar case of Target Killing in last year , July 2011.

Five people, including a woman, died on the spot while six other were wounded.  The assailants fled the scene after the incident. A heavy contingent of police and security forces reached the spot and cordoned off the area to collect evidence.

The bodies and injured were shifted to Provincial Sandeman Hospital and Bolan Medical Complex where an emergency had been declared. The injured were later shifted to Combined Military Hospital.

A senior police official said that Frontier Corps and police have jointly launched a search operation in different areas of Quetta, including Saryab, and arrested 45 suspects.

No group had claimed responsibility for the attack till the filing of this report.

The government has decided to form an exclusive force for the protection of the Hazara community following frequent incidents of targeted killings last year. Meanwhile, attacks on the community have intensified in the past few days.

The incident sparked protest in different parts of the city where protestors burnt tyres and forced the shopkeepers to shut down. There was a clash between Police and protesters on Berwery Road. Two More young Shia Hazara Protesters were killed and 3 injured by Police shelling and firing on protesters in Faisal Town who were chanting Slogans against the Balochistan Provincial Government.

in the Hazara Town neighbourhood of Quetta, where police tried to break up a road block erected by a mob “Some protesters fired in the air in anger and one of the bullets wounded a policeman, who was taken to hospital but died,” local police station chief Ameer Mohammad Dasti told AFP.

Dozens of other Shia muslims also demonstrated in Quetta’s main Meezan Chowk square and outside the provincial police chief’s office, witnesses said.

Government Girls College Quetta College on Brewery Road was set alight, and fire brigades were called in to extinguish the blaze that engulfed the outer wall of the college building.

The Hazara Democratic Party has condemned the attack and announced a ‘shutter down’ strike call for Friday, 30th March

Following are names of those Martyred & identified so far:


  1. Bakht Jamal (woman)
  2. Alam Khan
  3. Zafar
  4. Ghulam Sakhi
  5. Hafizullah


  1. Altaf Hussain
  2. Syed Ashiq
  3. Zakir Hussain
  4. Khadim Hussain
  5. Raziq Hussain

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10 thoughts on “8 Shia Hazara Martyred 5 Targeted by TTP Men , while 3 by Police firing on Protesters in Quetta

  1. The killed have reached martyrdom, may Allah give the aggrieved and grieved
    relations of the deceased Sabr e Jameel and the martyres a promninent place in Jannah with all their woldly sins if any dissolved,with the wasilah e Masoomeen and Shuhda e Karbalah . The only thing remains is wasil e Jannum of the perpetraters of such Terrorists crimes .The Zalemeen should realise that Allah’s rope is often kept loose for them and.later the nooze is tightened at the judgement .

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