Young Shia Noha Khawaan embraced Martyrdom by the Target Killing of SSP

JNN 28 March 2012 Karachi : In the late evening of Wednesday , A Young Shia Men S.Md.Tahir .Jafri s/o S.Hassan , 32 was targeted and fired by the terrorist of SSP and was Martyred in the limits of P.S. Nazimabad.

Tahir was a Ladies Tailor by Profession , He was the Owner of  a Ladies Tailoring Shop in Hadi Market , Nazimabad . His Younger Brother was also assisting him in the shop. On the Unfortunate day as he had closed his shop  and he with his Brother  was returning Home, as he was passing In front of the Al Khidmat Welfare Center , another bike which had two Young target Killers of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan, came along his bike , and fired Multiple Shots targeting him , due to which the bike got disblanced and his younger Brother , also fell from the Bike ,and by the time his younger brother  can manage to come to his senses, and stood up , the assailants sped  away . Tahir sustained four Bullet wounds , all of them were in the chest and shoulders area.  While his brother was Unhurt by the firing .

He was rushed to the Civil Hospital , but the bullet wounds were fatal , and he succumbed to his injuries , and embraced martyrdom on the way to the Civil Hospital  , after the completion of the Medico Legal formalities , his body was shifted to the Imam bargah Shah e Karbala , Rizvia Society.

His Funeral Prayers was performed Thursday at Imambargah Shah e Karbala Trust , after the zuhrain Prayers , which was attended by Thousands of Mourners and Shia Leaders  namely, Allama Abbas Kumaili, (JAP) , Chacha Waheed ( JAP), Maulana Hassan Zafar ( MWM ) and others.

After the Funeral Prayers , his body was taken to the near by Grave Yard , Adjacent to Jafria Imambargah, Gulbahar, Khaji Ground , for the Burial , which was done in the presence of Thousands of Mourners . He was also a resident of Gulbahar.

He was also the lead Vocalist  of the Matami Anjuman Guldasta e Haideri .

The Target Killing of Shia Muslims have once again accelerated , in Karachi and across Pakistan , which clearly shows that the Terrorist Banned Organisation like Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , Lashkar e Jhangvi , Tehrik e Taliban , have been once again getting re organized , and have picked up the Momentum and gearing up for a big assault. The Assaults on Shia Population , by these Terrorist Organisations have also proved , that the attacks on the Shia Muslims have been the Launching Pad , for their higher and Bigger Game Plans, as the reports indicate that there are some powers behind these terrorism, who have their nefarious designs , of disintegration of Pakistan, and defamation of Islam , which is going to be the Biggest religion of the World.

The Leader of Shia Community Present at the Funeral also said that this is all done ,as the present Government have lost its writ , and is unable to control the detouriating  situation across Pakistan. While Maulana Hassan Zafar (MWM) , also gave a call for a Protest Rally , for the same evening  after Maghribain Prayers , to be taken out from Masjid Shah e Khorasan till Imambargah e Ali Raza ,M.A.Jinnah Rd. to Protest against the Target Killing of Shia Men across the country. As on the same day in another Incident another 6 Shia Men were Target Killed in Quetta .

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